Mile High Club 2.0 [BETA]

Excuse my English.
Hi Guys, I'm working on the "high club mile" building and I need your help to do it since it is very big. The exterior and interior. Inside the lower floor plus two floors (the second hidden which adds a staircase on one side of the street you can see)

And the last floors plus parking.
The idea is to organize a team and divide the tasks.
For my part I am already advancing in one of the lower parts but very sloppy. (The details I'm leaving for later)

I await your answers.

Copy the file inside scripts and load it with map editor.
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    Seems like a cool idea, I might be interested in helping out if I wasn't so focused on my own projects right now, but best of luck anyways.

    5 days ago
  • 1d6261 14589594 10209614910522311 5895117607551818402 o

    that clubs dead af lol..

    5 days ago
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