Blood and Decals diversity 2.0



Adds diversity to the decals,uses alot of different blood pools not just 4,from other mods or games, splaters and different types of bullet holes i kept the original ones too for the bullet holes and alot of them are from max payne 3.different bullet holes sizes for guns and smg,assault rifles and the big guns.better entry wounds and added exit wounds with better blood spray.and bigger blood soaking effect.also increased number of bullet holes and wounds on the bodies.and bloody focking footsteps idk why rockstar took them out of the game.
Thanks to mati36 for some textures
Thanks to radicalradish for his blood mist textures
Thanks to MiGGousT for some of the textures
Thanks to WolfSuriv for some of the textures
recommend these mods for best effects
updated some bullet holes
added some more bullet holes and pools,also made the windshield impacts a little smaller to look more realistic,increased the impacts fx by the gun caliber so now not only the bullet holes are different but the impact smoke too.added some after explosion textures.
1.3 fixed shotgun bullet holes missing bug.sorry bout that.:)
1.4 Added some extra blood splatters from max payne 3,new shotgun wound bullet holes,now these are not necessarily better than the vanilla ones is just a small change i still want bullet holes on bodies not muddy shit,changed some blood pools,added some pretty sweet blood stain on yourselfs after you shoot someone up close,increased the blood splatter range so now peds dont need to be sticked to the wall for the splatters to show up,added some bruises when you melee someone.:)
1.5 fixed some issues,added a few more textures.
1.6 Fixed car impact shitty texture,and added some more blood spatters i made.
1.7 a few tweaks
1.8 new tweaks
1.9 mode some now fresh blood pools to add to the loop there are 13 now that spawn randomly and over 30 splatters basically all of them looking realistic on the internet :)),returned to vanilla the gasoline trail texture as i saw people complained about it for years even tough i had no issue with gasoline or oneil brothers mission.
2.0 fixed the bullet holes sizes respective to the weapon tipe,forgot about it now pistol do smaller holes sniper rifle do bigger holes,more blood pools and i detailed them a bit more,sry for many updates.keep in mind my pools are a little bigger sadly i cant make them to spawn very slow,i watched alot of terror attacks aftermaths photos(paris) and vids and people do bleed alot but proly alot slower,
just added an oiv no need to redownload
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First Uploaded: April 16, 2016
Last Updated: October 28, 2021
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