Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul - E.R.O 1.9.4

GTA V was the most dissappointing when it came to Euphoria including games. RDR and Max Payne 3 were the best and IV didn't come much behind. What I've done is bring GTA V to the same level or close to what those two games represent of the Euphoria real-time ragdolls. Much work was involved to ensure best reactions GTA V Euphoria can do.

Don't forget to check my other realism experience mods!


-GTA IV car pushing is back! Peds no longer fall on the ground instantly when pushing with vehicle
-Targets will try to balance much longer if they're alive after shot
-Targets grab and hold where they're hurt and try to balance at the same time (Much like RDR), neck shots look extremely brutal 'cause of this when peds try to stop the bleeding with their hands
-Shooting someones leg now reproduces correct reaction from them, trying to balance but eventually collapsing if hurt enough
-Targets can enter a shock-state when shot in chest
-No more weird force shit when blasting someone up-close (Shotgun to face for example lifted target of the ground to create that "Hollywood" effect)
-Chance to drop on knees on death and stay there for a while
-Armed individuals will sometimes enter "last stand" and shoot you when balancing (Even with two handed weapons)
-Shooting in the gut can cause tension in the body to deal with the immense pain
-Headshots are usually insta-ragdoll but with a chance of leg twitching, body tension, grabbing the wound
-Better electrocuted effect, no more insta dropping and twitching but now targets will try to balance the muscle shock
-Running peds over look more natural as they don't auto-roll over the car
-Better bracing for impact reaction
-Melee now looks much better with this new "grab where it hurts"-reaction, stabbing especially
-Explosion make targets try and cover their heads from the blast, putting their hands above their head
-And pushing people is now more easier and their balance is better
-Probably a lot of shit I forgot, watch the video and pics and you see what I mean

Changelog 1.9.4:

-Euphoria stiffness set to absolute minimum
-Improved bumping with car, not overdone
-Gruesome hit and run physics
-Car grabbing will not trash your car now and is not intrusive so it is enabled for everyone
-Slowed tumbling down hill a bit

Changelog 1.9.3:

-Removed pedBounds file, balancer looks smooth without it now
-Headshot trauma reactions now happen only when target is lying on ground and legpedaling is a lot more subtle now
-Legshots have higher chance of knocking peds to the ground
-Reduced shot reaction time from 2.5 secs to 1 sec (Means that peds who are balanced will blend back into animation after 1 sec)
-2.ver available, no car grabbing and with car grabbing (peds try to grab any part of your car, no grab version still has door grab on)

Changelog 1.9.2:

-Removed Materials.dat, now using new parameter found in physicstask to modify friction
-Fixed headshots in "NO TRAUMA" ver. no more leg pedaling when shooting with automatic weapons
-Removed cheating forces when crashing with motorcycles resulting in much more realistic crashes
-Removed grabbing car panels, caused a lot of trouble and peds are not spiders
-Minor adjustments

Changelog 1.9.1b (2.ver):

-Added optional "NO TRAUMA" ver. without leg pedaling headtrauma effect due to requests, original chance for headtrauma are 30 percent for the first bullet, 100 percent for second

Changelog 1.9.1 (Hotfix):

-Accidentally uploaded my test files last time, these are the correct ones
with the new reactions, sorry for that...
-Materials.dat supports bullet penetration for thin metals, wood etc
-Watch new video!!

Changelog 1.9:

-*New file, Materials.Dat (More friction to peds)
-Re-Visited every reaction to ensure best experience for all
-Enabled IV style ped reaction when bumping with car, now they put their hands on the bonnet and try to step backwards,
it is a bit buggy sometimes because of GTA Vs clipping issues
-Wound grabbing while falling enabled
-Using now "drunk-style" balancing for reactions instead off staggerfall
-I can't still use video editor to show these new features so you'll have to try 'em yourself

Changelog 1.8:

-Did everything from beginning (I'm now using behaviours.xml to modify parametres instead of physicstasks, physicstasks filesize pretty much half of what it was)
-Better falling reaction to peds, more weighty (Body smack ftw)
-Better highfall reaction, no more that weird in-air animation
-Balancing adjusted to work with high and low weaponforces
-Melee'ing no longer instadrops peds, now they stumble around
-Bumping with car enabled, continued pushing will make peds try balance (If you stop pushing they might just ragdoll to the ground, no way to fix that for now. Keep pushing and they will balance till certain threshold)
-Unarmed peds will now balance better aswell, don't know what was up with that
-Explosion reactions redone
-Taser reactions redone
-Running over reactions redone
-Rolldownstairs fake forces removed
-R* editor won't let me make videos nomore dunno what's the problem
-A LOT of shit done, test yourself and report any bugs, kiitos ja kuulemiin, thanks!

Changelog 1.7.6:

-Added .OIV install

Changelog 1.7.5:

-More Force to balance
-Less stiff reactions to rolling, balancing etc
-Took down grab strength even more

Changelog 1.7:

-Watch new vid!!
-Added on-ground injuries, shooting alive ped on ground will give reaction (Extremely brutal!)
-Better falling off ledge reaction
-Further improvements to being shot reactions, no more straight up standing when shot, now spine will bend when shot in gut
-Peds no longer try to block rolling reactions, now they roll in stairs and hills
-Better falling over fence
-Improved grabbing further, no superman forces anymore
-Using no longer torque based balancing, means no more twitchyness

Changelog 1.6.6:

-Lowered grab strength a bit
-Increased grab distance a bit

Changelog 1.6.5:

-Enabled grabbing cars, props, railings, surfaces etc
-Increased grabbing time + strength
-Fixed camera angle in PedBounds.xml

Changelog 1.6:

-Adjusted vehicle bailout even further, now part of main mod
-Adjusted running peds over
-Upped the amount of Euphoria characters from 3 to 10
-Upped the amount of Rage ragdolls from 3 to 10
-Small tweaks to balance

Changelog 1.5:

Watch video called "GTA V ERO 1.5-demo of combat and gta iv style bailing", it shows 1.5 in action and GTAIV style bailing
-Added new option for GTA IV styled vehicle bailing, more friction
-Adjusted balancing and reactions AGAIN... Now it is the smoothest it has ever been, starting to even feel remorse for taking some poor bastards life
-Fixed targets falling only on back and stomach, now stumbling to sides possible
-Ability to strip someone from their main weapon by shooting their trigger hand couple of times
-Realistic crash friction and inertia are now included in both options, because why would someone not want that?
-And finally I can't stress enough to use at least those weaponedits in recommended section to get the best out of this

Changelog 1.4:

-Added *pedbounds.xml* for better mass for peds and animals to enhance the falling effects, it also enables Euphoria for animals when pushing them, go shove those cows!!
It also removes "dies on ragdoll" flags for all animals

Changelog 1.3:

new feature *Realistic crashing friction and elasticity* completely optional but recommended for best reality, best used with increased deformation mod of sorts
-Removes that weird bouncy crashes from game, now cars stick more to each other when crashing, check video for clarification
-Also crashing friction multiplier set to 1.0 instead of 0.3 to have normal friction in crashes

Changelog 1.2:

-new file *behaviours.xml*
-If on fire and alive, target will try to balance and not fall, however will fall if moving fast
-Peds have even more better balance when pushed
-Removed cartoon'ish hand waving when falling backwards, will hold wound or fire weapon now
-Fixed targets being too tensed up when shot to spine
-Leg pedal effect increased on head trauma
-Lowered balancing time a bit (No more 100m dashes with arms in front like a zombie:D)

Changelog 1.1:

A LOT of adjustments
-Falling over fences
-Added twitching when shooting someone in the spine/ head
-Player will now try to balance/ drop on knees/ randomly fire when killed
-Pushing peds on foot much better more balance, not overdone anyway
-Targets now hold wounds when shot on ground
-Better reaction to melee
-Better reaction to being run over (Didn't find the modifier for balancing
when pushing with car, still under work)

Recommended mods for the best experience:
Gore'em up
Real'o weaponry
Anims for crawling Enable those crawling peds by installing only the stuff that go into x64c.rpf

Installation (Manual):
1. Open .OIV with rar/zip program and get the files
2. Create folder called naturalmotion to
GTAV/ update/ update.rpf/ common/data
and place behaviours.xml there
3. Copy Physicstasks.ymt to:
GTAV/ update/ update.rpf/ x64/ data/ tune

IF you still don't get these reactions to happen, install the Physicstasks.ymt to x64a.rpf/data/tune and
Behaviours.xml to common.rpf/data/naturalmotion/ so that the game definetely reads them

-Remove the file from tune folder
-Remove "naturalmotion" folder

As always post bugs, suggestions and tips here!
First Uploaded: February 29, 2016
Last Updated: April 25, 2016
Last Downloaded: 3 minutes ago

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  • Default

    whenever I do a mission the NPC's just die and I fail mission...

    December 24, 2016
  • 5dcf2b 11156377 10152731797246781 9045053280740689251 n

    @Mitchj007 It's probably not because of this mod, most people aren't having that issue I think.

    December 28, 2016
  • Default

    where is PedBounds.xml

    December 30, 2016
  • Default

    I'm having the same issue as Mitch

    January 05, 2017
  • 4a765e gta f

    @lordmelkor @Mitchj007 Most likely this mod has nothing to do with your isssue. Are you using such mods like 'Ripplers Realism' or something very much like it?!

    January 07, 2017
  • Default

    NPC dosen't fall anymore when u jump on them :((((( can u make an update ?

    January 10, 2017
  • Default

    @MiGGousT Man, It would be great if you combine it with "bullet impact mod". I hope that will happen.

    January 10, 2017
  • 9a3d34 picasion.com 76244cb3be3cfc40f264471481312f55

    This Mod Haven't Been Updated for Ages. If you guys need an Alternative, Try "Red Dead Redemption Euphoria/Physics" by Kaai210! Updates come frequently, and it's a mix of Realism and Laugh Out Loud Reactions!

    January 12, 2017
  • 9a3d34 picasion.com 76244cb3be3cfc40f264471481312f55
  • A47bdb kill la kill by kercsot11 d6ukbik

    @Dark123 it's the feature, peds more balanced when stumbled or something like that

    January 14, 2017
  • Default

    Is it normal that peds drop so fast. Every upper body shot still let's them smack down very fast?

    January 14, 2017
  • Default

    Uninstalled now ragdolls do not work at all...

    January 15, 2017
  • Default

    @MiGGousT i installed Zippos Raider Overhaul and afterwards ERO but i want to remove the crawling ped animation... i know its not your mod but since youre the "Ragdoll Master" i thought maybe u could help me out... ive tried to figure it out myself but i couldnt finde the file or line i need to edit to remove the crawling..

    February 01, 2017
  • Default

    ThrillKill_1990: switch these files with vanilla files: gtav/mods/x64c.rpf/anim/ingame/clip_combat.rpf/combat@damage@writheidle_a.ycd
    writheidle_b and writhidle_c.
    And maybe there was a file in scripts folder but cant recall the name.

    February 05, 2017
  • Default

    this is probably the best mod I've ever seen but please, do an update, because with the latest version of gta 5 after installing the mod some files get corrupted ):

    February 08, 2017
  • Bugstars2

    can you change the falling? thats all i need you to change. make it like the red dead redemption euphoria. il give you link https://youtu.be/ld1FDNsrPwA?t=24s

    February 13, 2017
  • Bugstars2

    Uninstall how?
    I want to remove it but it does not work

    7 days ago
  • Bugstars2

    @MiGGousT Exactly where are the files I need to delete to uninstall

    7 days ago
  • Default

    @TwixyUnleashed I wanted to know if it had what this mod has where they grab their wounds and hold their neck after neck shots?

    1 day ago
  • 9a3d34 picasion.com 76244cb3be3cfc40f264471481312f55

    @SpectreSlayss I'm not sure... This mod is pretty much dead in a way, since the last update was on April 25,2016. Might as well go for this alternative: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/red-dead-redemption-euphoria-physics
    Its WAY more updated compared to this Euphoria Mod.

    3 hours ago
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