Cambodia Police Volvo V70


I've decided to make a couple Cambodia police cars again :D
..and I apologise for the graphics, I play GTA with a potato.

-I'm not the creator of this mod. I made the Cambodian livery.
-I recommend changing the pearlescent to black, and maybe the paint if you really want to. Should stop the car being so shiny and bright.

Model : ChrisR
GTAIV Author : BritishGamer88n
Edited Futher For IV : BritishGamer88
Converted over to GTAV : BritishGamer88
Texture's/Material's : BritishGamer88
Template : BritishGamer88
Police Lightbar : Rockstar Games/ Edit to British version by BritishGamer88
Grill Lights : Rockstar Games
Oleg : for continuious help to get the model working ingame!!
Livery: Namie243
Wheel's - Jayone

Please leave any suggestions, recommendations, and advice/constructive criticism.

I'm not from Cambodia, so I apologise for any unrealistic designs. The black and blue designs are inspired from older Cambodian police cars.

Uploaded: 8 days ago
Last Downloaded: 14 hours ago
6cef5f screenshot (296)
6cef5f screenshot (298)
6cef5f screenshot (297)
6cef5f screenshot (299)

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