Delta Livery For DC 9 15

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This is a livery I made in about 4 hours completely from scratch in Photoshop using one of the liveries from bushiido444 as a guild line. I also used real life pictures of Delta's DC 9s from a couple of years ago to create the livery. The livery is exactly the same as Delta's DC 9 51. This livery is Delta's latest livery, however Delta does not operate any kind of DC 9 anymore.

This livery works with bushiido444's DC 9 15 which you can get here.

(note that i have only seen the livery within OpenIV and not in the game as I cannot spawn the DC9, it spawns the original luxor for some reason, even with any other livery.)

Install Instructions:

First download the file, it will be a single .PNG file. Put it anywhere you want.

Next open up OpenIV
In OpenIV browse to:

In there scroll down to luxor.ytd and luxor+hi.ytd

Enable edit mode and go into luxor.ytd and scroll down until you find "remapdc9body" click on it

hit the replace button and find the .PNG file and hit open

then click save

Now do the same for luxor+hi.ytd

Make sure you save and go into luxor.yft to make sure the livery has been put on the plane.

If something is not right, please leave a comment in the comment section below. Enjoy!

*DC 9 shown in OpenIV was not made by me, only the livery was made by me
*picture of DC 9 51 not mine
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