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I'm New here and I don't know shit......

Hi, I'm not a modder and i don't really post stuff on here but the reason why i publish this script here is because i want you guy to try it and test it out and tell me what you think about it.

List of Gangs, I'm not good at this lol.

Bloodz: A street gang trying to eliminate the crips, You shouldn't worry about them there not to hard to take out

Crips: As the same, these mfs are trying to eliminate to Bloodz so watch out.

Greasers: A Biker gang trying to rule L.S., Watch out these guys mean business!

Hazmat Team: These guys come from the power station, They wear their suits because they don't want to talk about it Heads up! They come in vans so get ready for reinforcements.

Hocky Gang: (Excuse me for spelling that wrong I'll fix it soon!!!) Okay, They act like there serial killers but honestly there a bunch a morans. Its best to fight them at night!

Insurgents: An Army located in the jungle of Blaine County, So stay away from the woods unless you want to get your ass shot!

Militas: Independent thugs in Blaine County that uses stolen cars and weapons and use them to try to eliminate the P.M.C.,

OutLawz: Cowboys from Texas that always gets the lucky shot, Pray that they don't.

P.M.C.: A Spec Op military that you shouldn't piss off. End of Story.

The Professional Clowns: They think there scary and they think there better than The Hocky Gang. Show em what fun is all about.

And thats it. lol i suck

There is a lot of problems in this script and i have to work on it more so stay tune. And the hair colors change a lot if anyone knows how to prevent that from happening please tell me how to fix it because i am willing to learn!


- Gang and Turf mod 1.3.3
- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V Dot Net
- Native UI



Just put all the files in the your gangModData folder and thats that.

Now if you want to be on the gangs i made just go inside my "If you want to be on the custom gangs" go inside one of the
gang folders and copy the "GangData.xml" and "TurfZoneData.xml" to your gangModData and there you go

sry i suck at this lol


lucasvinbr is the main creator of the Gang and Turf Mod. I just made some custom gangs and thats it.
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