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The Petrovic Crime Syndicate, also called Mafiya and the Bratva, is part of the Russian Organized Crime operating primarily in Liberty City, before setting up their base of operations in the State of Alderney, and is probably the biggest Russian organized crime family in the U.S. It plays a minor role in Grand Theft Auto IV, yet their story is the main plot element in its multiplayer. In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the gang is simply referred to as the Russian Mafia, as it is the only Russian crime family in Liberty City by 2009.

The boss of the organization, Kenny Petrovic, is believed to be the most powerful Russian kingpin in Liberty City, and possibly America. The syndicate is involved in all types of criminal activities, including drug trade, vehicle thefts and racketeering.

The Petrovic Crime Syndicate had been working alongside the Faustin Crime Syndicate until 2008, when Mikhail Faustin goes insane because of his drug addiction. He orders his henchman, Niko Bellic to execute Petrovic's son, Lenny, suspecting him of being an FIB informant. Later Faustin orders to destroy Petrovic's garage in South Bohan, because the owner owes him money and he wants to "teach people to listen to him".

Kenny Petrovic then orders the deaths of Faustin's administration, including Dimitri Rascalov, Niko Bellic, and Mikhail himself. Dimitri, possibly due to romantic relationships of his cousin with Petrovic's son, strikes a deal with Petrovic that places blame solely on Mikhail, which would have Niko, as the one who killed Petrovic's son, assassinate Mikhail and have Dimitri replace him as the new boss.

Dimitri proves himself as an effective leader and earner, quickly gaining control over various illegal activities around the city and making new connections, such as Ancelotti Family and Pegorino Family. His successes, however, turns out to be a failure, when one of the people he betrayed earlier, Niko Bellic, comes for revenge. Dimitri, as well as his new partner James Pegorino, is killed before or after big heroin deal, which is supposed to make him one of the most powerful people in the criminal underworld. Trying to get unsold heroin for himself and leave the country, another major Russian mobster, Ray Bulgarin got killed in his jet, which leaves Kenny Petrovic's organization as the most powerful Russian crime syndicate in the city and the country.


This mod was a cool one to work on as I always have loved the Russian mafia characters from GTA IV. Their tone impacted the story so much and made it very intimidating for the main protagonists. These guys being a few of the henchman that Niko, Luis, and Johnny all come across when debt is owed or revenge is being served.

These model conversions are one of many to come, as I wish to port more from the world of GTA IV. Whether they be alive or dead characters, I just want to have the possibility of seeing them live in Los Santos for a change in scenery!

Installation instructions:

Install "addonpeds"

add the 20 files "ig_russian_goon_01-05" to the addon peds pack.

follow this route: Grand Theft Auto V \ mods \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ addonpeds \ dlc.rpf \ peds.rpf \
or you can also install them as a replace by renaming the peds to what you want!
Ex: changing the name "ig_russian_goon_01" to "ig_barry" and replacing that model.

For the two ped props model files, place the files from the "pedprops" folder in this location:

mods - x64e.rpf - models - cdimages - pedprops.rpf

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about installation or if you'd like to see more peds like this in the future!

For more help please follow our discord from the link below through the assistance tab please!

Known Issues:

- Blood effects are not perfect as some models could not use the correct GTA V materials.

- Terry Kaffarov's models (ig_russian_goon_02, ig_russian_goon_03, & ig_russian_goon_05) may have some vertice issues that can proturde at times during certain animations. I could fix this in the future by rerigging the models when I have time!

- No LODs present for distant view of Terry Kaffarov's models (ones mentioned above), and this results in the models looking broken from far away.

Addon Ped Helpers:

Packfile limit adjuster is used for addonpeds, if your experiencing crashes then please install this and heapadjuster:

Helpful Links:

Our Discord Community for questions/concerns/ideas: https://discord.com/invite/SmNGBN47vc

Patreon Link (Come support us and find the new shop for more model work and individual animation mods!):

Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Feel free to use the assets from this mod to give clothes to mp characters or story peds if you like! Any model related thing I upload on this site you can use for your own creations! Just be sure to credit me when making your own stuff, because it's difficult to convert models into GTA 5. A lot of trial, error, and times was put into it lol.

Credits/Special Thanks:

Terry Kaffarov, credit goes to him for the (ig_russian_goon_02, ig_russian_goon_03, & ig_russian_goon_05) model ports, I can't give an approximate date he did it, but if he reads this, thank you for your hard work, as we in the 5-mods community are very appreciative of what you've done so far!

SkUlLiX185, a good friend of Terry Kaffarov's, he sent me these models and plans to work with me so we can finish what Terry started!


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