Husband and Wife: Anakin and Kate Nakamura 1.0

731043 anakin nakamura
731043 kate nakamura
731043 anakin nakamura (60s)
731043 kate nakamura (60s)
731043 haley
731043 anakin's son
731043 anakin's bodyguard (female)


Anakin Nakamura Thomas, powerful crime lord, former bodyguard/hitman/bounty hunter. This man has come a long way to reach his position as leader of the Nakamura Crime Families.

Lindsay Katie Spade, a criminal "empress" within the underworld. Born into a Canadian crime syndicate, Kate left her home at age 28 to pursue other criminal activities in Los Santos.

What's this?
I know I only released the skin pack for Anakin Nakamura but I thought I'd just release both these two in a single package.

Included Skins
Anakin Nakamura
Anakin Nakamura (60s)
Anakin (Vagos Spy)
Anakin (Hitman Disguise)
Anakin (Chinese Attire)
Kate Nakamura
Kate Nakamura (60s)
FIB Agent Kate
Kate (Disguise)
Kate (Beach)
Young Anakin (18-20)
Young Anakin (Club Attire)
Young Anakin (Bodyguard)
Young Anakin (Costume)
Young Anakin (Beach Day)
Young Kate (17-Early 20s)
Young Kate (School-Girl)
Young Kate (Princess Fan)
Young Kate (Summer)
Young Kate (Prom)
Haley (Anakin's Ex-GF)
Jenkins (Kate's Ex-BF)
Luke R. Nakamura - Anakin and Haley's son.
Kanade S. Nakamura - Anakin and Kate's daughter.
The Bodyguard

Skin Control 2.1
Modified MP Female Clothes

I had the Modified MP Female Clothes mod installed when creating Kate (Beach) so I'm not sure whether or not you'll need this. Let me know if anything is missing if you don't have this.

Also feedback is much appreciated!

Be sure to check out both Anakin and Kate's individual packs if you'd like to see a little more in them.
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