Real California Gangs Pack [Peds | Graffiti] 1.0


This pack is focused on all gangs ingame. Main focus is to retexture peds (including cutscene peds) to match real California life = real clothes brands, real gangs colors, real gang tattoos, but I decided to fit gang graffiti&tags aswell.
On the photos are for sure not all clothes and their combinations.

----- Gangs -----
  • Families = Crips
  • Ballas = Bloods
  • Vagos = Surenos (Mexican affiliated gangs known aswell as Surenos13/Sur13)
  • Marabunta Grande (MG) = Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)
  • The Aztecas = 18th Street gang (Mara18)
  • TheLostMc = Bandidos Mc (Mc means Motorcycle Club)
  • Madrazo Cartel = Mexican Mafia (La Eme)

----- Features -----
  • Crips - mostly clothes brands...all green colors changed to blue as they wear their gang color (blue) a lot...some families oriented tattoos changed to tattoos used by Crips gang
  • Bloods - same as Crips with Bloods tattoos and red gang color...tags on bench from second mission
  • Surenos - same as Crips but without any specific gang color...a pretty much graffiti and tags around the city (on the photos are all designs)
  • MS13 - mostly face tattoos as they use MS face tattoos a lot...some clothes rebrand aswell
  • Mara18 - same as MS18, they use number 18 a lot on face tattoos in many variants
  • BandidosMc - mostly clothes focusing on badges aswell...some graffiti and flags in their locations
  • LaEme - real brands for clothes and jsut one LaEme hand tattoo added

----- Cut Scene Peds -----
  • OG = Bloods
  • Gerald (G) = Crips
  • Stretch = Crips and Bloods (traitor)
  • Ortega = Mara18
  • JohnnyKlebitz, Terry, Ashley, Clay = BandidosMc

---- Recommended -----
For completition I recommend to use Bloods and Crips Graffiti by D4RKS0LD13R - www.gta5-mods.com/misc/l-a-bloods-vs-crips-tags
and my Lamar Crips edition - www.gta5-mods.com/player/real-brands-crips-lamar

---- Installation -----
Detailed installation in ReadMe file (follow folders to replace files)

---- Bugs -----
  • If you find any not replaced gangs graffiti or tags let me know in topic please with photo of location and mentioning me to notice it
  • If you can make dlcpack from this pack as for example RCA is, let me know please
  • If you find any let me know please

---- Credits -----
Rockstar - Original models
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