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~~~~~Note: You must have FiveM Argentum level of Patreon support or higher to be able to stream custom assets on a FiveM server~~~~~
~~~~~Note 2 (by Reyser): This mod should work fine in Singleplayer. The author didn't provide installation instructions because she does not play said mode and it's up to you the final decision of where to install the replacements~~~~~

Hi everyone! This is a pack of belted dresses - short and long, t-shirt and torso layered (so you can wear jackets over them!) with some of the stock standard GTA 5 Casino DLC textures and a whole bunch of custom textures I made for my server based on what requests my female users made + what I knew would get the most use. See the photos for samples - theres some that aren't even in the photos too.

We’ve got some very wearable styles, some casual, some suitable for some Rp weddings and some patterned dresses.

The T-shirt layer full length dress overrides slot #163 with 21 textures (You can wear a jacket over these)
The T-shirt layer short length dress overrides slot #164 with 21 textures (You can wear a jacket over these too!)
The Torso layer full length dress overrides slot #212 and has 24 textures
The Torso layer short length dress overrides slot #218 and has 24 textures

You can edit the slot they take over, if you know how. But the defaults I’ve set are above as they override stuff we never use for our characters.

~~Installation is easy!~~
Make sure you have a FiveM Argentum patreon subscription or higher
Download the file
Unzip the file
Drag the entire folder into your resource section of your server
Add Start ShelbysDressPack to your server config.
Turn on your server.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FOR SINGLEPLAYER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Want to use these on normal GTA? Simply find where you'd like to overwrite them in openIV and replace the default files with mine. I don't use normal GTA though, only FiveM so i won't be providing support on the topic. Thanks!
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