[VXP] Timecycle Editor 1.0a


Vexperience [VXP] Editor is a graphics editor which aims to make editing timecycle files easier to do, and much more accessible to new modders. Please be aware that this is also a very early version that WILL contain bugs and unfinished features.

Current Features
● Timecycle Reader (displays values)
● Multi-Region Editing
● Multi-File Editing
● Multi-Time Editing
● Easy Color Picker
● Textbox Number Editor With Invalid Data Corrector
● Real Time (changes are saved instantly)
● Specific Region Editing
● Specific Time Editing
● Basic Documentation
● Modern UI Using WPF Forms

Planned Features
● Backup Creator
● Value Reader
● Improved Tooltips
● Modifier Editor
● Making All Timecycle Values Editable

The tool is distributed as an exe which has all used libraries and documents embedded to make the application more portable but have an increased size (30mb). You must also have at least.NET version 4 to run this application.To edit in real-time use the visual reloader mod found here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/visualsettings-dat-reloader
Follow its instructions and edit its timecycle files then you can reload changes in the game (F10 by default).

After some testing with Razed, some pre-edited timecycles with incorrect comments may crash the editor, so for some cases, you may have to use a fresh new timecycle file or remove comments.

The editor currently only supports editing weather timecycle files, modifier files will be available at a later time. Not all timecycle values are editable yet as well, however, I feel it is important to test the program as early as possible. The color picker also does not work by dragging but only by clicking.
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First Uploaded: May 27, 2017
Last Updated: June 29, 2017
Last Downloaded: 7 hours ago

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