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    tbh this mod is prolly the best ones I've downloaded for that realistic gun aspect. The spark and visuals it come with really make this mod "spark" only problem with me is the legit rage that these npcs have with each other. I use ls life and i often see peds associated with it getting into altercations with each other. I don't know why the mod does this as I believe the only thing with peds is the damage, behavior when they get shot. I did see something with the gangs not doing nothing, but I think when making a change to that, maybe you messed with something with the "anger" of peds? I don't know but if there's a way to change the peds aggressiveness and make them calmer lmk!

    July 06, 2022
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    Yo, real quick question, I'm curious if I can somehow make everyone less hostile. Even sometimes a zee character comes out of a car with a rival gang and then all of a sudden, they hate each other. In general, my game sounds like a warfare, I don't really care I just delete the peds and I there won't be another war go on for a little but still, if there's a way to make them way less hostile lmk.

    June 23, 2022