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    A full comprehensive mod that controls all aspects of injured pedestrian behavior would be awesome. You could get quite inventive with the plethora of animations available in the game. But as I mentioned before you need to be careful not to over do it. Imagine 10+ injured peds all shouting, screaming, groaning etc. It would be pretty unrealistic imho, with overlapping screams of the same kind and such.
    The trick is to have a very low chance of a scream or moan. I think this is a little more like real life. I have seen many injuries over decades and most people don't scream like this, if at all. Go for a better selection of non vocal reactions such as spasms, twitching limbs, grabbing wounds, shock reactions, semi conscious reactions, and delirium etc...crawling, limping, staggering, begging, praying, crying are all viable options..Just a few thoughts to help things along...

    January 06, 2017
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    Good mod so far. I think though, that too many peds screaming at once is a little annoying. Probably have the code set a random chance of screaming from a random selection of screams, but go a step further and include other types of non death moments while injured on the floor, a bit like zippo's stuff? I think twitching bodies and limbs, and uncontrollable spasms etc would be more realistic..But most importantly not to over do it as it quickly becomes silly. Less is more in these cases I think..
    Twitching limbs is what I personally want to see..

    January 05, 2017
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    I am sure if Josh put some serious time and effort in a really good dismemberment mod for GTA V he would find a way of implementing a decent version with the games current assets and modding options.
    Possibly going as far as individual limbs and/or collisions with vehicles causing all sorts of wonderful limb pinball.
    Make this mod Josh and it will be the most downloaded ever, I predict....

    November 05, 2016