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    Is there a way to bring back the disturbing peds excluding hookers and strippers and how do I enable player switch,trevor and removed vehicles

    July 16, 2021
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    Hello I would like to know how to enable the following things
    All disturbing peds excluding strippers and hooked
    The ability to steal cars from peds
    Player Switch and Trevor
    Vehicle Damage
    Cops,Cop Vehicles and Full 5 Star Wanted Levels
    All removed Vehicles
    Car and home radios
    Trevor's Trailer
    Gun Stores
    Tattoo Shops
    Clothing Stores
    Ped Smoking animations
    Stores and the ability to rob them
    The in game phone and all its features
    The in game computers and all there features
    And how do I DISABLE the following features
    The annoying feature where when you jump from a high place you will automatically use parachute (I want myself and peds to die when falling from high place just like in normal gta)
    The feature that allows you to enter a car as a passenger and the switch seats option
    The engine power option
    The ability to drive underwater
    And how do I disable the code: peds like you and wont flee because I want peds to run away when I attack them just like Normal Gta

    February 05, 2021