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  • 00bfbc atavarka

    Hello, CengizSpecial!

    Do You not forget add authors origin authors and ask right to convert model?

    May 27, 2016
  • 00bfbc atavarka

    Hello !

    I m origin author of model w126.

    On this time when i writing Your convert this is best my w126 convert to GTA5 Thanks.
    But convert has few BUGS which NEED to FIXED.

    I see few things that need to be fixed.
    1) Front lights cant broke on version 1.1
    2) Rear lamps part which is closer to number cant broke
    3) Rearwindow underpart cant broke
    4) last part of exhaust ir transparent or reoriented polygons -needs to be fixed
    5) Not used textures extras gtasa txd needs to deleted from texture file.
    6) Front indicators and rear i think need to be more brighter, it look like it lost color or old.
    7) Speedometer not working
    8) Steerwheel on w126 from factory was from only from leder, no wood.
    9) On w126 gummi floormats is not cool.
    10) Aluminium wheel disc maybe needs make little more darker and put more chrome.
    11) When on car i push brakes or rear low quality texture - i think need better.
    12) Size of model compared to other models of moders like Dragon777 w124,w140,e66 or Cayenee or Landcruiser is gigantic.

    Maybe if you fix this errors will be good.
    To be correct.
    I Made 1990 year model.
    This model is made like restyle it has restyle interior. Correct year of car is 1989 till 1992.
    1989: a complete all-new interior with folded leather door panels, folded leather rear-side panels, ll-new seats front and back with larger side bolsters, revised EGR re-circulation system (“check engine light”) and engine diagnostics were improved, standard passenger-side airbag, passenger-side knee bolster, center console storage compartment with locking key and burl wood roll-top finish, higher wattage heated seats (from 90w to120w), higher capacity rear defroster.

    If You will fix bugs and are interested i can send Euro lights and bumpers.

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    May 27, 2016