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    Does this work for online cars spawned through trainers and traffic modifiers or just single player cars?

    July 13, 2018
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    When bodyguards get on a motorcycle passenger seat, they tend to sit while floating above the motorcycle, as if their sitting animation is too high. Is there a way to fix this?

    July 06, 2018
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    @Cryon43 The mod is working great. it's amazing to see DLC/Online cars in Singleplayer! I have one concern though:

    One thing I noticed is that before and after the mod was installed, when generating cars in traffic GTA will tend to place a lot of the same model of car. You've included directions in the readme files which I suppose should make the traffic a bit more diverse at times, but when I followed them, the streets became near deserted. Is this also happening with your setup, or have I just bungled the edits in some way? Do you have an idea which variable is in charge of the amount of traffic on a road for a car?

    <identicalModelSpawnDistance value="...
    <maxNumOfSameColor value="...
    <frequency value="...
    <maxNum value="...

    April 01, 2018
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    @Cyron43 So that means I can go ahead and install this version of ScriptHookVDotNet on the latest patch since I've already installed the latest ScriptHookV?

    March 28, 2018
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    So now that Script Hook V has been updated, do I need to wait for this to be updated too to install both and run scripts?

    A new GTA V player here.

    March 28, 2018