Horizon Festival
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    Any chance of a tutorial coming along soon? I've been dying to insert radio stations from the Forza Horizon series (Horizon Pulse and Bass Arena).

    February 02, 2019
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    January 27, 2019
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    Used it in a previous version and it's glorious. Unfortunately doesn't work in the Arena War update, though, hopefully support will be added so we could apply it before the next one comes along.

    January 10, 2019
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    Alright I tried it out and I can confirm it works on Arena War. I love it, though there's a few things that are different from this mod and the original (and I've played both):

    -Lore-friendly modders beware, there's some billboards and signs that break the lore (though I guess you could freely hotswap it for private use)
    -Parked cars around the map are evidently missing, and so are pedestrians. Nice change to the planes to be spawning flyable ones, though
    -As the traffic cars are to go by, this map is evidently using the VEH_MID category of traffic vehicles. Could this be potentially changed to VEH_RICH? Most of the default vehicles are a sea of black and white, ruining the look of the beautiful French roads. The VEH_RICH category has more varied cars and vehicle colors that fit in the map
    -The town of Saint-Sereau has a ton of texture issues - tree leaves and branches have this transparent green background on the texture, and the roads are just a pure mess.
    -Speaking of the roads, the cobblestone roads on the main town need some normal mapping - they're just plain flat which is evident during rainy weather (though I'm not sure if it originally had normal maps in GTA IV)
    -The road going to Saint-Sereau sometimes has waves overflowing on it, though I don't blame you; ocean waves in GTA V are way higher than in GTA IV
    -There needs to be a bridge connecting Los Santos to the main highway, as it did in GTA IV. You did keep the bridge and tollbooth connecting the original GTA IV map and the Riviera, but nothing's connected to it. The billboard there is also glitched. You could probably rotate the map orientation if that's even possible? Or maybe contact nine30 to collaborate with you to create a new highway entrance/exit? It's a haggle having to fly myself there every time.

    Despite those flaws, it's not perfect, but still excellent. Well done.

    January 08, 2019
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    Is this mod compatible with the Arena War update? Would like to get some info for those who are using it

    January 05, 2019
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    YES! Perfect for the streets of Los Santos

    December 23, 2018