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    Ok this bug is killing me! So I've been using open iv for years now, and I have always had the same problem, I can't drag and drop folders. I've always had to create the folder and the drop all its contents in there, but when there are many many different folders it becomes very frustrating. Also a whole bunch of the options are greyed out (yes I'm in edit mode)

    So here is what I have tried:
    1. Changing the regedit thing
    2. Install all the packages (asi)
    3. Reinstalling

    Nothing works, I can't find any solutions to this and it is becoming extremely frustrating. Some help would be much appreciated

    June 05, 2017
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    I have the exact same issue, although for me I've never been able to drop files into it. I've always had to do it individually but it is getting on my nerves @SP8bitFIRE

    June 05, 2017