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    i recently updated my game to the lattest version, the game works just fine without VWE but when i install VWE the game crashes during loading screen, also have a problem that has nothing to do with VWE but i would appreciate some help, i have the cracked version of the game, i downloaded the doomsday heist update and the new southern sanandreas and installed then, i also have all the previous ones,but the cars from those 2 updates work fine, but some of the cars handlings are glitched like the car sticks to the ground and turns extremely fast, and none of the cars from those 2 updates have any customizations parts, and when i use the menyoo to change the wheels, the menyoo crashes, and if i go into LSC it only shows headlights upgrades pretty much, help?

    May 08, 2018
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    i have tried everything and it keeps crashing while loading storymode, i have even tried removing all the other mods and install only ivpack, and still crashes my game

    March 28, 2018
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    so, i have a couple of problems, some of the new cars when i change the wheels with menyoo, menyoo crahses, plus i have tried to install ivpack but it just crashes my game during the loading screen. help?

    March 06, 2018