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    I like the mod, ever since I first played GTA 3 years ago (and each incarnation of GTA on the pc since then) I've wanted a mod like this. San Andreas had a mod like this, and I used it a lot. I've always wished that Rockstar would implement some form of personal MP3 player while on foot. However, is there a way to rebind the keys used? I use the LUA version. I found out by sheer accident that Q switched the radio stations while on foot. Also, so does mouse wheel down. Which is kind of problematic when I'm switching weapons while on foot. Could you maybe change the keybindings so I can still use cover while on foot, and is it possible to not have the mouse wheel affect the radio station? Or is the mouse wheel tied to in-game controls? Or perhaps, tell me how I can change the key to something else, as I prefer Q to remain as the cover-mechanic. Otherwise, awesome job!

    May 18, 2015