BMW M5 F10 2012 [Add-On | Tuning | Autovista]

ranstar74 & 5dmc1


BMW M5 F10 2012 Autovista
 Model: Turn 10 Studios(Forza Motosport 4)
 Convert&Edit: Ranstar74
 Beta&Beta Tester: 5dmc1

  *Hands on steering wheel
  *3D Underbody
  *Brand Tires
  *6 Tuning parts
  *Working LED
  *Breakable Glass
  *Working Tail,Break,Reverse,Head Lights
  *Working Gauges
  *Dirt Mapping
  *Correct First Person View Camera
  *Correct Player Position
  *HQ Engine & Bodysheel
  *Correct Bonnet,Doors,Trunk Collision's and Opening
  *Grand Theft Auto V License Plate
  *1 Extra
  *Correct Dummies
  *Tire Correct Burst

---LSC Customization:
   *Front Splitter (1)
   *Roll Cage (1)
   *Wing (2)
   *Exhaust (1)
   *Bonnet (1)

  *1.0 (01.15.2016)
   *Initial Release
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First Uploaded: January 15, 2016
Last Updated: January 15, 2016
Last Downloaded: 35 minutes ago

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  • Bbfb2c 2
    Pinned Comment

    Guys,who have a reflection glitch,disable msaa and txaa in the graphics settings

    January 30, 2016
  • Default

    @ModHunter Thanks

    July 24, 2016
  • Default

    no lod the car wil disappear after a short distance from the car

    July 26, 2016
  • Default

    @ModHunter Thank you

    August 01, 2016
  • A80887 nastroenie situaciya peyzazhi

    Update !!

    August 01, 2016
  • Gtav76

    Car will disappear in distance? Can you fix this?

    August 06, 2016
  • Default

    @ranstar74, are you still active? If you are around, can you please fix LOD? Car dissapears no matter the settings you put in place regarding in-game LOD. Rating pending

    August 10, 2016
  • Default

    Game crashes because of this mod. Don't install it

    August 14, 2016
  • Default

    @th3_kill Can you maybe tell me the spawn name of the car? Thanks!

    August 22, 2016
  • Gtav76

    @Katzie m5 buddy :)

    August 22, 2016
  • 6d5b7a 2017 02 24 08.14.58 1

    how to install this ?

    August 22, 2016
  • 3c5fce 7kk6cfw

    make a replace version with the tuning please :(

    August 27, 2016
  • E2b5b7 black skull tribal vector 2154788

    i like this mod but after restart my saved game was crash

    September 03, 2016
  • Fe29d8 5dmc1 logo

    @Goobzo89 some people experience problems when addon cars are stored in garages. Did you have it stored in any way? I have had this problem with other addons on this site.

    September 08, 2016
  • Default

    What use name the trainer?

    September 28, 2016
  • Default

    My game stopped working on loading screen.. why?

    Installation: 1. in openIV go to
    Make a new folder named m5 and add the DLC.rpf file inside this download.

    2. open the DLC.rpf you just added and extract content.xml to desktop

    3. then navigate to
    gta5/update/update.rpf/dlc_patch in openIV
    make a new folder called m5 and add the file content.xml you extracted to your desktop.

    4. in openIV navigate to
    /gta5/update/update.rpf/common/data and drag and drop dlclist.xml to desktop
    open dlclist.xml and at the bottom of the list add


    save it and left click on the dlclist.xml in openIV and click replace.
    replace it with the one you added the line to.

    5. Open gta5 and type m5 into a trainer to spawn the car.

    November 12, 2016
  • Cf08b7 image

    @Sonny_3787 its most likely your pc not the mod

    January 16, 2017
  • Cf08b7 image

    @ranstar74 what graphics mod you use, looks good

    January 16, 2017
  • Default

    @ranstar74 i've disabled that graphics settings but the taillights look still odd

    January 23, 2017
  • A5f76d wide logo

    @ranstar74 Is there anyway to contact you privately about something?

    February 26, 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1

    Good job, thanks.

    March 29, 2017
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