Custom Off-Shore LSPD Boat 1.0 [BETA]


Have you ever noticed how poorly the boats in GTA V handle the waves? Cruising along and completely flying up out of the water every three seconds on days where weather is not severe is not realistic. The Custom Offshore LSPD boat was designed with that in mind, this boat is massive, the design of the boat allows it to plow thorough the chop & ride comfortably even in the roughest conditions, the front hybrid windshield protects the console from water, & still allows for great visibility in rough conditions. All boats besides the Dinghy in GTA V have inboard engines, this is far from accurate, inboard engines do not handle salt water well, most ocean going boats have outboard engines, and usuhaly a console of some sort, in real life you would find the stock GTA boats in lakes and rivers, never in the ocean!! So i have taken the dinghy engines and resized them for a boat this size!! Im very new to the modding scene and am in no ways a professional nor do I consider myself to be one, but I plan to keep the boat modding scene alive on this website
Uh hi, thank you for reading, this is my first mod and its a BETA, I know there are bugs and not everything is polished, but I will update this mod frequently!!! If you stumble upon a bug thats is not listed below, PLEASE report it!!! I promise you it will be taken care of way faster!! Im looking for some help fixing some of these bugs, and possibly including logos on the engines and lights in future updates, if you or anyone you know would like to help me with textures,bugs ETC please PM me!!!
INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Open OPEN IV (if you don't have this a quick google search will get you up to speed) Navigate too GTA V/UPDATE/X64/DLCPACKS/PATCHDAY3NG/DLC.RPF/X64/LEVELS/GTA V/VEHICLES.RPF
*On rare occasions when the boat is spawned via trainer, water spawns inside of the boat, just drive around and it will disappear
*The way you hold the steering wheel is very glitchy, will be fixed in next update
*On rare occasions, water can be seen moving in a small square on the back of the boat, not noticeable unless looking for it, will be fixed in next update
*On rare occasions when the boat is beached, you can glitch through the back right wall of the boat, working on a fix for that right now!!
Thank you for taking a look at my mod!!!
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