KCC Kingz Horse {ADD-ON SP+FiveM} MK I {FiveM 1.0>SP 1.0}

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KCC Kingz_Horse MK II {Add-on SP+FiveM}
to install, follow below!
1. GOTO \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\ in FILE EXPLORER! (NOT OPENIV)
2. Drag n Drop "kcc_kingz_horse" anywhere
3. Open "OpenIV" and go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
4. Drag n Drop "dlclist.xml" to desktop, and open with NOTEPAD
5. Add this EXACT line at the bottom "dlcpacks:\kcc_kingz_horse\" (WITHOUT QUOTATION MARKS!)
6. Load GTAV, using a menu (I use menyoo) go to Vehicle Options>>Vehicle Spawner>>Motorcycles>>Scroll down until you see "kcc kingz h".

MK I (Initial Build)
-Not much detail, just the workings of the bike.
- - - -
MK II (A Few changes)
-- Removed "Rear Packed Tire [Suggested]
-- Added double/Tandem seat [Suggested]
-- Added Lights, indicators and a numberplate [mostly for FiveM, making it more of a legit road vehicle]
-- Tweaked the front end {Handlebars, Shield, wheel and other components} so the whole front-end no longer moves up and down. [Just the bottom part of the forks have travel now]
-- Currently working on a customized-to-specific-bike handling file [More authentic feel to the bike]
-- Replaced "KCC" paint logo on the tank with a KCC plaque, allowing full colour change on the tank.
-- Added speed dial to tank
- - - -
This bike IS NOT FINISHED yet. i still have some plans and fixes to little things.
Any issues/questions/requests, MESSAGE me on my instagram @KING.SYKO

DO NOT redistribute ANYWHERE

DO NOT attempt to use vehicle online!
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