Unmarked (SRT Antwerpen) Skoda Octavia VRS | Toggled beacon, rotating LEDs OUTDATED


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What's new in 1.1?

- Fixed the window tinting issue

Ik presenteer jullie: Een anonieme Skoda Octavia VRS die vaak gebruikt wordt door de SRT ploegen van Antwerpen

I present to you: An unmarked Skoda VRS that's widely used by the SRT teams in Antwerp
- 3D Model's Purchased - ChrisR
- Poly's Lowered - Tim
- GTA IV Author : BritishGamer88n
- Edited Futher For IV : BritishGamer88
- Converted over to GTAV : BritishGamer88
- Texture's/Material's : BritishGamer88
- Oleg : for continuious help to get the model working ingame!!
- Wheel's - Forza
- Interior - Rockstar Games
- Built-in police lights - BEModsV
- LED Beacon - thecloser_ / Conversion - BEModsV
- ELS config - BEModsV
- Screens - Waslijn
Je bent vrij om het model te gebruiken in eender welke video, zolang je maar een link in de beschrijving zet

You're free to use the model in whatever video, if you provide a link to the mod in the description
- Low-poly
- High-detail
- Realistic ELS config (removeable beacon)

Planned features:
- Multiple colors and plates
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First Uploaded: November 12, 2018
Last Updated: February 21, 2021
Last Downloaded: August 10, 2023

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