Vapid Interceptor Police Package [Add-On | Replace | Mapped] 1.0a


"The paragon of inevitability and the representative of conformity, the Interceptor is the one thing you’ll have a run-in with at least once in your life - whether you like it or not. For all its sins, its ownership is practically a carte blanche to drive like a total nutter and be a judge to any soul in your way. And nobody’s gonna do a damn thing about it. May the law be with you"

Lore friendly inspired mod of the now discontinued Ford (Taurus) Police Interceptor Sedan. The original R* model is mostly based off the 2010 Taurus Concept, but I’ve added some design cues from the 2014+ models.
This is also a companion piece to my Torrence SSO mod, a civilian incarnation of the Interceptor.

Version 1.0.a Contains the following models:

- Vapid Police Interceptor - LSPD Cruiser and Slicktop (intcept)
- Unmarked Interceptor - Police Undercover Unit (intcept2)
- Vapid Police Interceptor - LSSD Cruiser (intcept3)
- Unmarked Interceptor - FIB/Covert Unit (intcept4)

- All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc
- Revamped Vapid Interceptor model, with bug fixes, texture improvements, new front bumper, new engine bay, interior details, and other general improvements/additions
- Various vehicle extras, added interior equipment/details, and more!
- Lore Friendly Ford Police Interceptor style steelies and hubcap wheels
- Enhanced emergency lighting equipment, with custom carcols.meta for improved lighting that stays true to the vanilla sirens
- Installation via Addon or Replace DLC
- Mapped Development Model with 4k template
- Optional Models and Textures that can revert all vehicles to a more vanilla style!
- Optional Handling.Meta that gives the Interceptor a more realistic driving feel!

V.1.0.a Reduces the corona size and brightness within the siren carcols, they should be much more bearable with vanilla graphics now

Model uses the vanilla lighting, Non-ELS and it will stay that way! So please don't ask for an ELS conversion, I have no interest in working on any ELS models

Installation instructions and changelog are located in the "Readme" file included


- AlexanderLB - Police Computer Screens, Vapid Badges Texture, Bumper Sticker, ELS Control Pad Texture

- Vx5 Voltage - Various Texture Work and Enhancements

- Voit Turyv, Vx5 Voltage - Improved Interceptor Template

- Jacobmaate - LED Spotlight Textures

- Rockstar Games - Original Car Models, Textures, & Vehicle Parts

- Vx5 Voltage - Model Fixes and Improvements, and Parts

- Vx5 Voltage - Ford Interceptor Inspired Steelie Wheels

- Vx5 Voltage - Enhanced Vanilla Lightbar and Lighting Equipment

- Vx5 Voltage - Integrated Dashboard Computer

- 11John11 - Unmarked Ford Interceptor Inspired Wheels

- 11John11 - Enhanced Vanilla Pushbar

- IlayArye - 3D Prisoner Cage Mesh

- Voit Turyv, Skitty - Interior Console and Parts

- Lt.Caine Vx5 Voltage, Fenton - Mapped Interceptor Model

- Voit Turyv, Vx5 Voltage - Improved Template

- MyCrystals! - Blurb Description

- Eddlm - Custom Handling.meta File

- VanillaWorks/Lorify Discord - Testing and Feedback

- 11John11, Bravo_1_Charile, Vx5 Voltage - Screenshots

If I have missed anyone in the credits, please let me know (with examples)
and I will add them in ASAP

I have left this mod unlocked for anyone to use. However I must ask that you please provide PROPER credit to myself and the original authors listed in these credits should you wish to do anything with this mod outside of GTA5-Mods.

Furthermore, If anyone wishes to use assets from this mod for any public projects that are funded via the use of platforms such as Patreon for example, you are free to do so, but I must ask that FULL CREDIT and a link to this original mod be provided wherever possible! (Failure to provide proper acknowledgement while making profit off of assets found within this mod, will result in direct action being taken!)

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