M37 Ithaca/Remington 870 Sound mod


Now here come proper sounds!

Proudnoob4 is allowed to reupload these sounds. NOBODY ELSE!

Why would you even try to use this online? Do you get high off of being banned? If so, go right ahead. Just know I am not responsible for the punishments that you may encounter/receive.

No ugly sounds really this time... Just remember this mod changes the sound for both the pump/sawed off shotguns. A backup has been provided for you if you like to live a dangerous lifestyle.

Must have OpenIV and edit mode switched [ON].
Extract this file to any location (remember it!)

1) Travel to x64/audio/sfx/WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf/ptl_combat.awc
2) Select "New" and then "Import openFormats"
3) Find the mod and select the .oac file and press "OK"
4) Start up the game and enjoy!

Questions, comments, ideas, concerns? Tweet me @Cr3wBoss. I highly recommend that you follow for the latest updates on mods I am creating!
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First Uploaded: July 17, 2015
Last Updated: July 17, 2015
Last Downloaded: May 02, 2022

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July 17, 2015