Max Payne 3 Mini-30 Ruger 3.0

My first ever attempt at using zmodeler3, and modding V guns!

Haven't seen this gun from max payne 3 anywhere, so I made it myself.
Includes the gun (duh), and a sorta-custom extended mag, aswell as the z3d file, for whatever reason.

Installation: Here's the funny part.. I used FiveM to test this and have no idea where to install this on regular V...

-The muzzle/silencer is badly placed
-The 'luxe' variant is the normal AK, it could have the PS2 VC v1.0 style, not sure
-Mags are shiny as hell!
Any other issues/ideas? Tell me, I probably won't fix/do them, but eh, give it a go.

Update 2: mag2 texture fixed, extended mag should have bullet texture now.
Also more screenshots by @JacketW
Update 3!: the 'stock' is not as reflective now, aswell as the mags... that's all, apparently

(hello, this is my first gta5-mods post, first V mod and first time in zmodeler3)
First Uploaded: 8 days ago
Last Updated: 7 days ago
Last Downloaded: 2 hours ago
C8b6a9 rqosch2
C8b6a9 0hbvuxr
C8b6a9 2venoct
C8b6a9 cghuuow
C8b6a9 cpsdqsz
C8b6a9 gf5puun
C8b6a9 lyxhwqp
C8b6a9 pjui3ex
C8b6a9 z5e5b3i
C8b6a9 170320 1pl
C8b6a9 170320 lxc
C8b6a9 170320 vei

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