Scone's Gunplay 0.5 .Oiv


This is my personal gunplay edit. I made this with a few goals in mind:
- Keep GTA's vanilla gun handling feel
- Remove all tracers except for MGs and the Minigun
- Incorporate muzzle flash similar to Escape From Tarkov's muzzle flash (but slightly flashier to be slightly cooler)
- Time to kill peds is similar to games such as Squad or Insurgency
- Gun ranges and muzzle velocities are based on real life
- Realistic RPGs and grenade launcher grenades

All weapons, base game and DLC, have been modified in a consistent way. Optional versions will be included in future updates.

This mod also removes the reticle when it's set to 'complex'.
If you wish to play with a reticle use the 'simple' setting, complete removal of this option will probably come someday.

Credit to Derrysan360 for removing the reticle hitmarker, check out his standalone mod here:
Disable Red X Hitmarker Without Disabling the Crosshair v2.00
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First Uploaded: October 03, 2021
Last Updated: October 08, 2021
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October 03, 2021