Get Lost! (Lost MC Spawns)

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Now we all know the GTA 5 world feels very much alive, yet it somehow still feels a bit... empty. Maybe it's because we're always passive, random events are rare, and we seldom see interesting interactions just out of nowhere.

This mod aims to change that a bit.

WHAT DOES IT DO: This mod adds several parked and armed Lost MC groups around the Paleto Pay area, along the highway, on dirt roads and more. It also completely repopulates Stab City. The Lost will not regard you as an enemy (usually) until you open fire on them, but when you do they will attack. I could easily list all the spawns here, seeing as there are only around ten to fifteen of them, but I won't; it'll be more fun for you to find them yourself. They're mostly visible from the main roads, with a couple of exceptions, so have fun and see what you find. There are no markers or map dots here; use your exploration skills.

Advice: I've tried to be as realistic as possible with this one. If you're not sure how big a group you're about to open fire on, don't judge by the number of people you see, judge by the number of bikes you see parked up;there will be guards by the vehicles, but the others are probably in the store, or having a drink, or something; anyone stopped is stopped for a reason.


Installation: You have a choice of two files. The bigger and better one, GetLost1.xml, would be my reccomendation. Use GetLost2.xml when you want some new and unfamiliar spawns. The two cannot run simultaneously because of limitations imposed by the map editor. Choose a file, and place it in your 'AutoloadMaps' folder in 'Scripts,' in your GTA V root directory. If there is no 'AutoloadMaps' folder, make one. Run the game and enjoy.
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