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Luxury Hillside Cardealership | GTA V | FiveM | YMAP | XML | CUSTOMIZABLE
The dealership got flags on the outside of the dealership and at the entrance to the parking lot. Its also got a special ramp texture to match the theme of the dealership. Make sure you install that aswell (instructions in download)
I changed the textures of the flags so they now show popular car brands. There are currently 6
different brands. BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche. You can have a look at
the screenshots and see what you like the most. You can always change flags later. Dont forget to
back up your files before starting. Feel free to request car brands to make flags off in the comments.
This is my first ever GTA 5 map and I spent a lot of time on this project (1900+ entities)

make sure you share my download link on GTA5-Mods.com and stay tuned for more stuff in the future.
I would be very glad if you could give feedback in the comments since this is my first project

and it took a really long time to make I would appreciate that alot.
About the mod
Car Dealership in Banham Canyon.

Decent room for parking in parkinglot | fits atleast 10 cars |

2 Showrooms | Can fit 12 cars (5 and 7) |

2 Offices | Each Office contains; Desk with computer | Office Chairs | Table for paperwork | Chairs for customers | Pencils and papers |

Main Office | Contains; Living area with couches, armchairs and coffee tables | Shelf filled with trophys | Lockers | Security area | 2 Desks with computers and office chairs |
Door that lead to helicopter pad |

Living Area (Customers) | Contains; couches, armchairs, 2 Tv's |

Counter (Entrance/Staff only) | Contains small desk with monitor, keyboard and mouse | Coffee machine | Fridge | Table with chairs |
1.0 Uploaded File

1.1 Fixed issue where garage doors and doors would not open and the garage ramp
was blocked.
Updated some interior - Staff Office
Added: Table tennis and pool table, added trophy-shelf and added ramp texture.

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