Mount Gordo Celestial [Add-on] [Menyoo] [Custom Props] v1.0


People from all walks of life and corners of the world, flock to the state of San Andreas for the many opportunities it presents them with, to live that American dream. Whether they are a Criminal Master-mind, a morally blind but visionary entrepreneur, a lame duck God father, or even a mean killing machine for hire. Everyone has had it tough in this town at one point or another in their quest to not only survive, but to thrive.

No matter how affluent and abundant their extravagant lifestyle of expensive Crowex watches, fancy Persues clothes and big mansions in Rockford hills, may look like, there are always these questions in the back of their minds while they are cruising down the road in their flashy cars...."When was the last time I took in a breath of fresh air, ever since I first arrived in Los Santos?" "What would it take to get that priceless sense of equanimity in one's life?"

Well, have you ever wondered what answer they came up with or where the rich and famous disappear to for a while to escape from the town that never seems to shut up? From that nasty old lady, screaming at the top of her lungs, demanding her outstanding rent payments to those uncouth pedestrians, to the blaring of sirens and horns in a fast moving town, which has no tolerance or regard for serenity.

Don't fret, the answer wasn't very clear to the ones that came before you either. They had their own opinions, the likes of which included, paying off millions of dollars to some humane lab rejects who like to call themselves "Scientists" to develop nasty and deadly human genocidal weapons of mass destruction or as the more saner heads realized, taking the same amount and investing it into any true nature lover's wet dream, the Mount Gordo Celestial. A cozy log cabin, situated in a remote corner of the ever mysterious Mount Gordo, right next to the more serene shores of the great state of San Andreas.

If you're thinking up of a place to take that hot secretary of yours for the weekend or a place to stash all those over-flowing funds that your unethical ways seem to bring, away from curious eyes or you're just a sucker for mother nature and a bit of peace and quiet, then here is your answer.

Who cares if your organization or private jets happen to pollute the shit out of all those peasants and the environment at large, as long as that trophy wife of yours, who happens to be half your age, gets to cuddle up to you, over-looking the gorgeous sunrise over the ocean from your bed while you sip on some earl grey, right? This discreet retreat promises to pamper all your whims, till you lose every last bit of conscience and stop feeling guilty about not filing those tax returns, in order to enjoy those ironic benefits of the very capitalistic activities that made your dream of living in heaven on earth possible. Enjoy!


Some background story about this map: ( In case anyone is interested :P )

This particular project had been in the works for months now, even though this wasn't started with the intention of being a project in itself. I was always fascinated by this little pond tucked away on Mount Gordo, which was completely over-shadowed for the most part by the giant lake that sits a little further away from it. This little place that I like to refer to as "My Little Hangout", was where I used to spend countless hours, just roaming about and watching the views, when the game initially came out and I was taken aback by it's beauty and simpleness and always had this wish that I wanted to really have a little house here.

As time passed and I started getting familiar with the whole map building thing, I decided that I needed an actual little hide-out of mine in this place and thus began the construction of little houses, that I never bothered releasing because they weren't anything special and for the most part, not presentable in my opinion. So a few months back, after I had some time and was researching on what I could do for my next project, I suddenly came up with the idea of actually trying to make something spectacular, that complimented the area's beauty and some place where you just felt like you've entered into a totally different game or world and so Celestial as I like to call it, was born and went through many changes and a LOT of hard work (which included me restarting the project a number of times due to various issues).

Once again, this is a partial Add-on and partial Menyoo map, as I am still unable to include the custom props in the converted .ymap file. So if anyone knows how to go about doing that, just PM me or something. It'll be appreciated! (:

More updates for this map mod may come in the future at some point, which might include some more interior work, etc.



-The only known bug I have discovered is that at times, the roofs tend to mess up in texture by a little bit. It's nothing big, just something that tends to happen occasionally, depending on the time of the day.


The Installation instructions are in the "Read-Me" file provided in the download. Please DO READ IT. It's important stuff!

[Requirements For This Map Mod]

- Menyoo Trainer Mod


- Custom Props Add-On --> [Important]

[Read Instructions on this mod's page carefully]

- The latest version of scripthook and all that other important stuff related to it etc.


Please respect days of work and do not :

-Upload it anywhere else without my explicit permission.
-Do not edit in any way, shape or form, re-upload and claim as your own.


Finally, I really hope you enjoy the map! Feel totally free to leave your comments, suggestions, ratings, etc. They are all welcome and appreciated! ^^

P.S: One of my personal recommendations would be to try the map out at 06:00 AM and around that time. The views are incredible in the early morning hours, so I thought I'd let ya'll know! Have fun!
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