[Swedish Version & Basic] Better Emergency Lights 1.5



What is this mod all about ?

- This mod/files makes the car headlights and brakelights/backlights/tail lights dark and at the same time makes Emergency Lights
bright, as many people have requested.

- I have now (in version 1.3) fixed the taxi sign so it is no longer bright!
- Version 1.4 added 2 options "Emergency lights on wall/buildings" and "No Wig-Wag Lights".


What do this mod replace ?

- It replaces these lines in visualsettings.dat:

"car.headlight.day.emissive.on            10.00
  car.emissiveMultiplier                     2.00"

-It also replaces the taxi.ytd file to make the sign dark!


What's new ?

- Taxi Sign is now fixed and no longer bright!

- Added optional folders "Very Bright" and "Bright"

- Added a file called "Screenshots"  / now able to see the ss of the beaty visual.

- Added more installation.txt for those who skipp the long readme.txt

- Fixed some bugs and more!




                     For The VisualV.oiv File: 

 -  VisualV: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/visualv

1. Install OpenIV - http://openiv.com/WebIV/guest.php?get=1
2. Run OpenIV, click Tools -> ASI Manage and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi.
3. Click Tools -> Package Installer and choose VisualV.oiv.
4. Choose Install to mods folder.

                     For The Visualsettings.dat File:

1. Run OpenIV -> mods -> update -> update.rpf -> common -> data 
2. Press " Edit Mode " and Replace the old visualsettings.dat (drag and drop). 
3. Press " Edit Mode " again to make sure everything saves.
4. Run GTA 5 and have fun :D

                     For The Taxi Sign FIX:

1. Grand Theft Auto V> Mods > x64e.rpf > levels > gtav > vehicles.rpf
2. Locate and open taxi.ytd
3. Replace the taxi_signs_2 with the taxi_signs_2.dds file I have provided.
4. Run GTA 5 and have fun :D

                     For The Emergency Lights On Walls And Buildings:

1. Drag & drop the Scripts folder and the ELS.ini file in your main GTA V directory.
2. Run GTA 5 and have fun :D



Huge thanks to JayManLive12!
Visualsettings.dat: LEXIN11
ELS Better Settings: JayManLive12 
The main picture: Caspjo



This mod/files makes the car headlights and brakelights/backlights/tail lights dark and at the same time makes Emergency Lights
bright, as many people have requested. If you have any questions, leave a comment down bellow. This is my first mod btw. 

Version 1.0, and I've planned more files and more coming :)  Don't forget to download VisualV : https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/visualv


Added more pictures and now able to download with readme.txt ( ZIP FILE AVAILABLE NOW )

Tell me in the comments if there is something that I missed or something wrong so I can fix it. 


Fixed the taxi sign (the taxi sign is no more bright) & fixed some bugs. 


Added options "Very bright" and "Bright" for you to choose which one is the best for you.

Also added a folder called "Screenshots" to see difference & fixed some bugs and more! 


Added option "No wig-wag lights", for those who live in europe that doesn't like the taillight coronas.

Also added now option called "Emergency Lights On Walls And Buildings" for better emergency light looking.

Also fixed some bugs in the "Very Bright" option.


It's no longer required to have VisualV! I have fixed some bugs since april and march! I was doing a "Oiv file" but it didn't go so well.
So I decided to not put time to it because you guys already have much experience! I updated the taxi sign, and it should now work very good!



If you have any questions email me: lexinthegamer12@gmail.com or send a message in the mod page/comments :)
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