Birds No More 0.2

C45587 cover
C45587 default with more traffic and ped mod
C45587 01 minimal birds with more traffic and ped mod
C45587 00 none birds with more traffic and ped mod


Birds No More - What? Why?

More pedestrians and traffic mod by Lupin is great
but it unintentionally spawns more birds as they
count as peds in the game and alot of birds
depending on which traffic preset you choose.

I got fed up with the sky being covered with an
army of birds everywhere so with OpenIV I
seeked to get rid of them myself so that I can
enjoy Lupins mod without the birds ruining it.

Really it's just a simple popcycle.dat edit that
anyone could do in Notepad++ I know, but none
the less I'm sharing it for those that might want it
or incase it comes in handy for other mods that
unintentionally increase the bird spawn counts.


Please make sure you have the latest 7zip
or WinRAR installed to extract successfully.


ⓘ Make a backup first of your popcycle.dat!

Use OpenIV and insert/replace popcycle.dat
to update.rpf > common > data > levels > gta5

Birds_No_More_00 :
All bird related variables set at 00.
You will not see any more birds spawning
around you everywhere you go anymore.

Birds_No_More_01 'Minimal' :
All bird related variables set at 01.
Note this doesn't mean just 1 bird but rather
you might see 1 - 10 birds around you.

What else?:

If you already have a modified popcycle.dat,
You can do this yourself In Notepad++.
Open popcycle.dat and search for birds.
For example you will find
"Birds_Countryside 20",
changing 20 to 00 or 01.
for desired effect.
Repeat the desired value for all entries
containing birds.

This can be a tedious task to do manually.
TinyTask may be able to help you in automation.

Things to know / Issues:

- Bird ambient sounds will still play regardless
if there are birds or not.
This isn't something I know how to fix
nor am bothered by.

- Ambient seagulls sitting on the rocks at the
beaches remain.
(but fly off when scared by the player).

- Nothing else I know of.
Let me know if you get any issues with this mod.
I'm not a experienced GTA modder at all.
This was a personal mod that I'm sharing here.

Update changes:

0.2 - Re-zipped package in an attempt to resolve issues for those getting errors when extracting. Tested working with latest WinRAR & 7-Zip.

Special thanks to Lupin and his mod:
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