Deadlier Swat/Noose AI And Aim FINAL

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Tired Of Those Tactical Team's Not Putting Fire On Your Location Or Your Enemies Location If Their Your Allies? To Be Really To You, Aside From A Few Useless Gimmick's The Swat Units Are Just Remodeled, Retextured, Reanimated, And Revoiced Versions Of Gang Members That Wield Automatic Weapons. This Mod Changes All Of That Now, Swat Units Can Actually Do Shizz And Employ More Deadly Tactic's That Can Set Them Apart From Other Enemies While Also Reaching A Level Of Fighting Efficiency That Can Surpass Even GTA Online AI While Being Semi-Realistic To Real Life Tactical Teams. Also No Scripts Are Involved With This Mod, Just Changes In The Text Of Pre-existing Code So There Is No Worry About Your Game Crashing Since Even The Most Stable Script Mods Crash, There Are No Requirements Either. Improvement's Of This Mod Are Listed Below,

1. Swat Units " Blind Fire " While In Cover (Just Like In GTA IV) While Retaining Decent Aim
2. Swat Units Will Rapidly Fire Rather Than Fire In Short Bursts
3. Improved Values For Fighting Efficiency For Swat Units
4. Swat Units Will Fire For Longer Periods Of Time While In Cover
5. Swat Agents Will Still Use Tear Gas And Hand Signals
These Improvements are handlined in the code to go with the swat ped so you will see improvement's no matter what mod your using ( Exp, Lspdfr, Simple Trainer)

I did release a previous file like this but that File Lacked Significant Improvement Beside The New Rapid Fire Code Line. This Will Be My Final Version Of These Mods Since I Don't Think Anything Really Has To Be Improved And Everything Is Extremely Stable.


Credit: Rockstar Games And North
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First Uploaded: May 20, 2020
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