Ultimate Enhanced Fighting Animations (Unstable/Updated) 6.5.5 (Unstable Build)




-----------------------------------------Included in this Mod: (Simple View)----------------------------------
+New Melee Animations (Retargeted from Unreal Engine, Sifu & Absolver, Mixamo and from base GTA V database)
+Combo Finishers
+Melee Weapon Combos
+Alternate Unarmed Combos
+Enhanced Counter Moves for unarmed and melee weapons.
+Melee Weapon Animations
+Failed Takedown Animations Replace Forward Kicks
+Enhanced Ped Health and Damages
+Overhauled Writhing Animations and Melee AI Movements (GTA IV Style ;D)
+Player and AI Taunts (with verbal response)
+Melee Enemy Types with Different Buffs and Weaknesses
+Melee Enemy Types Have Different Melee Combos/Finishers and Counters
+Many Enemies Fight at Once (Allow large Street Brawls)
+Replaced Shove attacks
+Armed Gun Melee Combos
+Edited Gunner Melee Reactions
+One Handed and Two Handed Gun Attack Combos/Combo Finishers
+21 total, assignable, fighting styles implemented into the world of GTA V

6.5.5 showcase available and linked to page! ;D
OIV Package Support for quicker installation!

---------------------------------------------INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS-----------------------------------------
INSTALLATION TEXT: (Each step has their own folder with corresponding names in download archive to help make things more simplified)
1. Step 1 Read ALL text files
2. Step 2 Install game directory (Where GTA V.exe is located) REQUIRED files. Without these your game will crash at start!
3. Step 3 Install the main package file UEFA.6.5.5.OIV (See text file on instructions)
4. STEP 4 Choose additional modification packages such as: (not required)
-Better & MUCH more brutal melee and unarmed combat sounds (As heard in our recent showcases)
-GTA IV unarmed blood splatter effects.
-Remove vanilla fleeing affect from dangerous looking melee weapons.
-Links to scripts that work flawlessly with UEFA and enhance the experience. Such as with the gangster aim script by JediJosh920 you can switch your unarmed strafe and see some more gangster aim styles for guns.

After this load up into GTA V, this installation process should take about 5 minutes tops.

I made it as simple as possible, but if you require assistance create a post in our "Assistance" forum in the Wolf Fire Modz Discord community:
PS or you can leave a comment below, but our discord's assistance forum is highly suggested for a quick and elaborate response.

-------------------------------------------------Requirements: (NOTICE)-------------------------------------
Scripts are provided with custom .ini changes in download archive, with author credit and links, with proper edited variables. (Install with step 2)

-----------------------------------Incompatible mods: (Feel free to let me know)--------------------------
World of Variety
Streets of Rage Brawling
Immersive Combat
*Notice* : Any mods that edit meta files such as pedbrawlingstyles, pedhealth, etc.

-----------------------------HOW TO SWITCH BRAWLING STYLES---------------------------------------
Tutorial Video on how to switch brawling styles: (Also linked to this mod in videos)

How to switch Addon Ped styles (Non vanilla peds) tutorial by A.J.W.H:

Styles you can choose from in this version (6.5.5):
BS_TREVOR "Psycho"
BS_MICHAEL "Yakuza Kazuma"
BS_FRANKLIN "Street Brawler"
BS_AI "Weaker Grunt Style"
BS_BOXER "UFC Standing Hands Only"
BS_BOSS "Big Guy Enemy"
BS_MUAY_THAI "Authentic Muay Thai"
BS_NIKO "Kick Boxing"
BS_WEI_SHEN "Mixed Martial Arts"
BS_SHAOLIN_MONK "Fire Disciple"
BS_DRUNKEN_MASTER "Inspired by Jackie Chan"
BS_STRIKER "CQC inspired by John Wick"
BS_BEAST "GTA V Lore Friendly Werewolf"

Notice: All fighting styles have been added to base vanilla peds, story/special peds, law enforcment, etc.!! search for your favorite model names and see what styles they specialize in! ;D You can change them to whatever you like! (Does not include DLC peds they all have BS_AI by default)

------------------------------------------VERY IMPORTANT INFO & Q/A -----------------------------------

Why is this labeled as an unstable build?
I have been building this mod and testing it in Sandy shores since 6.5.3 searching/updating the move sets for errors and smoothness, and although 6.5.5 is the best in terms of smoothness and quality and with a ton of amazing features, takedowns, animations etc. It has a huge bug that I cannot seem to fix that is seemingly relating to the Action file size of Results and Definitions itself which are the backbone and parent files of this mod. I have scanned the xmls for errors, removed code and tested limitations, but it all is to no avail. Due to what I believe is a limitation being met, I have decided to give this to 5mods and no longer sell my UEFA mod work as I search around for possible fixes. (This is because I respect you all and do not want people paying for an unstable mod) This means that many Story missions may not work with this installed as the blunt of the story including Michael's house is near those areas.

How can I get the most out of this mod and use its features?
Due to crashes that happen spontaneously in highly populated areas (Specifically Vinewood area) it is HIGHLY encouraged to use this mod on a 100% save game and save in an area outside of LS. When you decide to test out each of your favorite styles, do so with peds and traffic disabled. Having peds and vehicles disabled via a trainer (Menyoo, Simple trainer etc.) you can fight spawned peds in any location of the map, addon maps, custom maps and interiors without crashes.

What are the plans for the future of UEFA, and will there be Stability Updates?
Although this limitation error is disheartening to say the least, I am excited to say that I will be making FREE stability releases to 5mods by taking UEFA and separating the available styles into Themed Packs based off of the styles provided in this version. Hypothetically speaking, the drop from 21 to 5-6 between each pack should make them more lighter in file size and hopefully removing the crashing issue entirely! :D The packs will be (Sifu, GTA Franchise, Sleeping Dogs, Yakuza etc) "names of mentioned packs may be subject to change on release depending on if stability is improved"

As a Full time, College student and Mod Creator, what can we do to help?
This was one of my main sources of income around my college classes, and in such I have a plan to open commission work for custom brawling styles through our Patreon platform! Feel free to join as a free member and join our discord community to keep in touch with details on commission work as they become available to the community. (I still need time to work out a system)
Alternatively, if you would like to donate you can subscribe to one of our tiers and keep reoccurring payments on. Reoccurring payments are not required to continue using our Patreon Content (Addon gangs/models, other animation mods etc) so continued payments will be viewed as donations. :D

Link: https://discord.com/invite/SmNGBN47vc
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wolffiremodz

If you are worried about this mod and not sure whether to install or not, be sure to make a backup of your mods and modified files and it would be smart to start installation with an updated and fresh mods folder in case of installation conflicts with previous installed mods. Below is some info that can help you get started in saving you from headaches.

-------------------------------General Helpful Modding Tips---------------------------------------------------
I recommend you backup your update.rpf, common.rpf and x64c files before installing this mod. They are hefty files so be aware of your computer space, but this will help make sure you can revert quickly to previously edited files without reverting back to vanilla via uninstall package.

This mod changes your gameconfig automatically to have the one necessary for this mod and uninstaller will add vanilla config.

If and when the gameconfig from the uninstall becomes outdated, please locate the vanilla gameconfig that is outside of your mods folder and copy and paste it to the mods path.

outside of mods folder location:
update-update.rpf-common-data "gameconfig"

drag and drop into this location:
mods-update-update.rpf-common-data "gameconfig"

If the gameconfig crashes your game at start up after install check mod-fixes channel on our discord and if there is not an updated version posted there, then uninstall UEFA and find/install latest on 5mods to resume your other mods until new config is released. (let admin know, myself-Wolf Fire Modz, in an assistance forum post to speed up the process)

-----------------------Change Log: (FULL changelog of all versions in download archive)----------

Version 6.5.5: (General Improvements/Additions)
-New Unreal Engine generic strafe added from Qwertnikol's Unreal Engine Fighting Animations Pack (WIP)
-New Upper body strafes, Capoeira, Karate etc have been added and with appropriate root motion (Switching styles does not change upper strafe, but will create tutorial soon to teach how to assign upper & lower strafes in peds.ymt ;D)
-Added 2 new brawling styles all with new counters, attacks, combos, combo finishers and takedowns!! (BS_JKD, BS_BEAST)
-Fixed more underlying issues with takedown victim reactions not working at times and tweaked homings and all hit reactions.
-Overhauled directional attacks with accompanying hit reactions that allow longer standing combat and lesson fequent ragdolls.
-Overhauled BS_WING_CHUN to resemble that of Ipman and added in new UNUSED Sifu main player attack animations and overhauled counters and attack combos.
-Improved AI of ALL fighting styles. (AI can now dodge, evade and use NEW support attacks for all melee wpn types and unarmed) -Animations varies based on assigned styles
-Updated and improved on the block mechanic that accompanies the dodge left and dodge right functions and add new Unreal Engine Animations w/root motion. (Hold/Press X on controller at the right time to force a block reaction then press B to initiate a counter)
-Further Improved homing of various style attacks to not zip characters around, but instead give more reality to movements.
-BS_STRIKER style has been overhauled with Gun Fu and various CQC animations retargeted from the game Absolver, and Unreal Engine. (Gun fu takedowns still do not have fx, but they are available at least and function like takedowns) Resembles that of John Wick or Solid Snake
-Added new custom assignable walk styles. (Triad, Wei Shen, Hogwarts Legacy "used in Sifu Showcase", and WIP Sifu Walk "Glitchy")
-Overhauled BS_GRAPPLER to function more like an assignable brawling style rather than enemy type. Uses new Unreal Engine Judo Animations retargeted by Kaz Productionz!
-Improved on all melee wpn counters, takedowns and combos. BS_BAK_MEI has Sifu Staff animations, and Blades have Sifu Blade combos.
-Fixed Muay Thai directionals to land properly on incoming enemies.
-Overhauled BS_BOXER with Kick Boxing Animations from Unreal Engine with Root motion. This includes combos, combo finishers and counters.
-Overhauled BS_NIKO with Kick Boxing Animations and resembles closer to that of GTA IV. (Not authentic anims, but is better with what is available)
-BS_TREVOR fighting style anims to resemble more chaos and strong surprising movements have been improved. Fixed Directional attack facings.
-Overhauled BS_CAPOEIRA to resemble better the art of Brazilian Martial Arts! Add various new support attacks for AI as well as counters and combos.
-Added Root motion to Various Takedowns to improve playability.
-Revamped Peds.ymt with all styles included in the population of GTA V. (Watch out some peds on the streets may be martial arts masters! ;D) Will Provide a file with base BS_AI so you can assign your own ;D
-Overhauled BS_AI base fighting style to be more efficient but lacks combo finishers due to resembling a basic style. Are much quicker however to still pose a challenge.
-Overhauled BS_MICHAEL to resemble Kazuma from the Yakuza series.
-Overhauled BS_WEI_SHEN with Absolver, Sifu and Unreal Engine animations to better reflect his skills and Sleeping Dogs game. "Resembles that of Mixed Martial Arts and Dirty Street Combat"
-Fixed Ground attacks and replaced low kicks with proper homing to improve attack contacts
-Added New Unreal Engine AI taunts and intro anims for various styles. (reflects the assigned styles)
-Upgraded Sifu Style to resemble that of Sifu & Yang Movesets "Technically the Master Moveset Modifier" and added new counters and special throws/takedowns.
-Sifu Style has all front facing Knife takedowns (provided by Ferz Denikin) and some Staff/Bat takedowns retargeted by myself! :D
-Sifu Staff move set is available when using two handed guns as well ;D (Causes for some neat reactions)
-Overhauled BS_SHAOLIN_MONK to have a better combo layout and resemble more the Fire Disciple moves from Sifu. (Uses Sifu anims as well as Absolver anims)
-BS_HEAVY_BRAWLER has been overhauled with Unreal Engine Wrestling (WWE) animations and uses Unused Big Guy attacks from Sifu in combos! Fixed various takedowns as well and provided root motion.
-BS_DRUNKEN_MASTER uses new Absolver Drunken Moves to resemble the art featured by Jackie Chan!
-The New BS_BEAST style has Feral AI evades, taunts and support attacks, including a custom biting attack with proper scream audio. Moveset is to build upon the lore of that of the beast in GTA V! (By default mp_m_freemode will have the walkstyle and brawling style assigned, you can reach out to me and I can help revert this to a human walk etc via discord assistance channel)
-The New BS_JKD (Jeet Kun Do) style is to resemble the art of Bruce Lee and has many counter attacks and combos/takedowns based off of films ;D (Uses Absolver Animations)
-All styles have various tweaks to combos and movesets to better improve on function, smoothness and quality. Feel free to check them all out and find out your favorite ones!!

Version 6.5.4: (Available free on my Patreon as well, just requires manual config update that is released on my discord channel in mod-fixes.) (A little more stable but lacks many features and improvements.)
-Strafing for melee wpns has been overhauled for the base game of GTA V, and include new quick or slow lower movement (accompaning the previous idles) have been added
-New strafing/idles for new styles. (Switching styles does not change upper strafe, but will create tutorial soon to teach how to assign upper strafes in peds.ymt ;D)
-Added 5 new brawling styles all with new counters, attacks, combo finishers and takedowns!! (BS_BAK_MEI, BS_WEI_SHEN, BS_SHAOLIN_MONK, BS_DUNKEN_MASTER, BS_STRIKER)
-Fixed more underlying issues with takedown victim reactions not working at times.
-Overhauled melee hit reactions with new animations that have root motion and provide smoother hit reactions giving it better functionality with the games ragdoll system etc.
-Overhauled previous Boss fighting style to accompany more diverse moves, takedowns and attacks. (Can now use Wing Chun Combo Finishers as well as heavy brawler slams and Big Guy attacks from Sifu)
-Improved AI of fighting styles to dodge/block more frequently and Bak Mei enemies can evade attacks on command.
-Add a NEW block mechanic that accompanies the dodge left and dodge right functions. (Hold/Press X on controller at the right time to force a block reaction then press B to initiate a counter)
-Fixed homing of various style attacks to not zip characters around, but instead give more reality to movements.
-Karate style has been overhauled with Kung Fu animations retargeted from the game Absolver, but also includes authentic Karate movements and attacks. (Combinations are more flued in my opinion)
-Added new strafes and upperbody idles to various styles. (Shaolin Monk/Fire Disciple strafe, Sifu Bak Mei upperbody strafe, etc)
-AI can trick you by idling at a distance with some styles but attack you when you get up close, this happens mainly with the BS_BAK_MEI enemy type. (Peds run up to you with assigned walk/run styles like in GTA IV)
-Add various new counters, takedowns and attacks for unarmed and melee by Ferz Denikin and Myself from the game Sifu and Absolver. (Switching to different styles unlock new takedowns so feel free to test out all)
-Overhualed Muay Thai with new Bodyguard enemy attack anims from Sifu to resemble muaythai style.
-Overhauled BS_FRANKLIN fighting style with Grunt enemy attacks from Sifu to resemble more of a street brawler, MMA feel.
-Fixed Boxer style to be more like a Boxer rather than Kick boxer. (Created better unarmed combinations to resemble skills)
-Replaced BS_TREVOR fighting style anims to resemble more chaos and strong surprising movements.
-Niko brawling style has better hit reactions (I continue to suggest not to assign to main story peds as some counters still break face bones, hit reactions have been fixed however)
-Fixed idle of some takedowns to be better.
-Revamped Peds.ymt with all styles included in the population of GTA V. (Watch out some peds on the streets may be martial arts masters! ;D)
-Overhauled BS_AI base fighting style to be more efficient but lacks combo finishers due to resembling a basic style. Are much quicker however to still pose a challenge.
-Added better hit reactions to BS_MICHAEL attacks.
-Replaced grounded attacks of Bats, Machetes and unarmed to new Grunt attacks from Sifu with Root motion for all styles.
-Merged all melee attack specializations for BS_MICHAEL, BS_FRANKLIN, and BS_TREVOR to ALL styles' melee combos. This includes the new Melee wpn grunt attacks from the game Sifu. (Blades and Baseball bat attacks available to all onehanded and two-handed weapons)
-Added 14 absolver 1v1 intro anims to AI intros for various styles. (reflects the assigned style)


VERY SPECIAL thank you,

KP FLIM for Karate attacks!!

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm4gT8VzImLW45yuscq3iMQ

TheFuumaSage's Converted Anims from Batman Script and Unreal Engine takedowns!!: "with author's permission"

5mods profile: https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/TheFuumaSage

Kaz productions for animation retargets and animation contributions!!:

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@KazTheGoat12

Ferz Denikin's amazing converted anims and tutorials!!

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCswUqU0nmMXodJI7exgmJUg/videos

Cosmosj123 for animation retargets as well and their custom Wei Shen Counter Animation based off the game! ;D

Package creator by:

Thank you: Felix Bartling (reditec)

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Each and every one of you in our modding communities, YouTube Subscribers, 5mods supporters, and general public! Your inspiration, showcases, creativity, encouraging words are what made this all possible!
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Last Updated: January 15, 2024
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