Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations Beta 3.5


What this mod is all about:
This mod focus's on the visual aspect of melee fights allowing them to look more realistic and varied when compared to the original GTA V melee system. It makes melee fights longer lasting, visually appealing and generally more fun. (Full description on OIV File Provided)

Download instructions in Read Me.

New video showcase available! ;D
OIV Package Support for quicker installation! (manual optional available too)

Change Log:
- 3.5 -
As seen in this video the moves have been edited to add new attacks for both two handed and one handed guns. No more weird pistol whips now you strike with fury!

Counter moves for the bat and small weapon have been edited to add in better variations. A powerful elbow strike that launches your enemies or a swift blinding punch to the nose?

The ped health has been edited to make melee attacks less deadly making melee fights last longer and more fun!

A big edition to this mod is the new fighting style for the knuckle duster. These attacks resemble a football player with tackles, shoulder charges, elbow strikes and much more!

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

Special Thanks and credit:
Thank you F7YO for allowing me to edit your gameconfig to support this mod, without it this would not be possible! Give him support and I do not claim this gameconfig as my own as all credit goes to him! :D
Link & Account:

Thank you: Felix Bartling (reditec) ! This makes installations so much easier!

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First Uploaded: August 20, 2019
Last Updated: April 06, 2021
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