L.A. Roads Patch 2.7 [OIV]



L.A. Roads 2.0 Patch

Thank you for downloading L.A. Roads 2.0 Patch, in order for this mod to work you must download the original mod here

This mod fixes some issues that the original mod had like some missing textures, texture pop-in etc...

A really BIG thank you to CRYHD for this amazing mod this would not be possible without his original mod I would also like to give another really BIG thanks to Arc_Angel for helping find bugs and missing textures so the we could fix them.

Installation is simple just follow the files, I will be updating this mod overtime with more fixes when more bugs are found.



1.0 - Original release for L.A. roads 1.1 this is now outdated and not nedded anymore

2.0 - updated to the latest version of L.A. roads needs to have original mod installed before installing the patch.

2.1 - Added some more fixes and fixed some install folder paths.

2.2 - Added some more fixes to various bugs.

2.3 - Fixed all wrong parking concrete textures in "scentral_01" (areas around Grove Street and Strawberry strip club ect...)

2.4 - Fixed a a lot of port area bugs, big thanks to Arc_Angel for finding them!!

2.5 - More Parking area fixes and some road fixes.

2.5b - Added some fixes I forgot to add in last update. If you have already installed last version (2.5) all you need to install are the files from x64l/levels/gta5/_citye/sunset if you are downloading and installing for first time install all files.

2.5c - Another small update that fixes the strange placement of road lines in rockford hills.
(Please read pinned comment for reason on the small update)
If you already have installed last version (2.5b) all you need to do is install all the "x64g.rpf" folder contents. If downloading for first time please install all files.

2.6 - Added more parking area fixes and some road fixes. If you have already installed the last version all you need to install is all "x64p.rpf" folder contents if downloading for first time please install all files.

2.7 - BIG UPDATE! Fixed all Paleto Bay area road and texture bugs (if I missed any please do tell.) some small fixes to some of the countryside areas also. If you have already installed the last version all you need to install is all of x64q.rpf folder and also x64r.rpf if downloading for the first time please install all files.

2.7 [OIV] - Yes thats right BIG THANKS to EpriTeX for kindly making an OIV installer for this mod!!

2.7 [OIV] - No version change, Fixed some issues with the OIV installer, thank to EpriTex for fixing the issues!!

2.7 [OIV] No version change, fixed install error thanks to EpriTeX for fixing the issues.

2.7 [OIV] (5/6/17) No version change, as requested the file is now hosted on this site instead of external download sites.

Enjoy!! :)


Q) I found a bug from l.a roads 2.0 can you fix it.
A) Yes I can just link me a picture of the area in game and the location on the map it will make finding the bug more easy.

Q) Do I need the original mod to use this mod properly?
A) Yes.

Q) Do we need to install The mod into a MODS folder?
A) You do not have to but I highly recommend it, it keeps all of your original files safe and if you make a mistake it is very easy to revert to the original files.

Q) Why is the road in the distance one great big yellow blurry mess!?!
A) This is an anisotropic filtering bug, try going to the Nvidia control panel then go to manage 3D settings. After this click program settings, once done click the add button and find your gta5.exe then click add selected program. Once the program has been added scroll down the option till you find anisotropic filtering, change it to x16 and then click apply. This will make the issue less noticeable.
(Should be the same for AMD users)

Q) Why is some of the map invisible/random textures after I install this mod?
A) This happens when the .rpf file becomes corrupt when replacing its files the way to fix this is to just re-install the mod.

Q) How do I install this mod?
A) With OpenIV and with edit mode turned on you must navigate through the .rpf files in the games directory and replace the original files with the ones I have provided. (I would advise anyone who is modding to use a mods folder to learn on how to set one up go HERE "http://openiv.com/?p=1132" to learn more about how to use a mods folder.)

Q) Can you change A texture, I don't like the way this one...
A) No. I am only fixing bugs with the original mod so this means I am only using the textures from the original mod. If you would still like to ask for a texture change please contact the original author CRYHD.

Q) What is the preformance cost of this mod.
A) Depends on your hardware, if you are playing GTA V on high settings with high frame-rate already without L.A. roads and also this mod installed no need to worry about performance issues.

1) DO NOT include this patch in any other mod!
(it is not done yet maybe when its done i might re consider)
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First Uploaded: February 27, 2016
Last Updated: June 05, 2017
Last Downloaded: 1 minute ago

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 2.7 [OIV] (current)

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  • 1092e1 untitled 2
    Pinned Comment


    Currently I'm very busy with life at the moment I will try to update the mod if i do get the spare time to do so (spare time being very spares at the moment ;.; ), unfortunately real life comes first before video games and modding. I would love to update this mod frequently but life does come at top priority I hope you will all understand.


    March 18, 2017
  • Default

    i like the roads up close but they change color etc. coming at them from a distance, its very noticeable :(

    May 17, 2017
  • Default

    i take that back, yes it may look good close up but from a distance omg it looks horrible. i've never seen texture pop in so noticeable before, the roads change from black to white when you approach. and my game crashes if i fly over the city (didn't before install). mod is painful to install and even more painful to remove

    May 18, 2017
  • Ae320a bentley

    When installing, it said fatal installation failure. When I started the game, it said corrupt game data reinstall the game :/

    June 01, 2017
  • 492546 aiden

    @Anime_Boom Can you re upload the 300MB file on the site since you can do that now. Only because mediafire never works for me. @ethannn_ if you didn't use a mod folder not his fault tough luck.

    June 04, 2017
  • Default

    gg, it damaged my game data. the installation failed , and the normal version of the mod took a lot of disk space , my GTA 5 folder is 107 gb right now Lol.

    i know i can just remove the mods folder but i'd lose all the mods i had. the original mod cant be unistalled with another .oiv so gg.. i will try to remove the files from mods folder manually to see if that works......

    June 05, 2017
  • Default

    managed to unistall the original mod, just deleted the recently added x64.rpf files added to my mods folder. ( checked file's created date to see which ones to deleted) and my game works again.

    June 05, 2017
  • Ae320a bentley

    @NubForSale Mods folder? I always do everything from that

    June 05, 2017
  • 492546 aiden

    @ethannn_ Then you shouldn't have a problem with perm game crashes.

    June 05, 2017
  • 202eaf untitled 2

    Are you serious my whole mods folder crashed due to this. Don't you even know what is perfection. Now I must install each an every mod right from the start. 0.5 stars for this game breaking patch.

    June 05, 2017
  • 90006e jordiv2

    @Stelassin propably its your issue IMO
    .rpf files can have max 4gigabytes , you need to watch the size and Rebuild (Defragment)

    June 06, 2017
  • Default

    Fatal error by installing the oiv file.

    June 06, 2017
  • Af55d2 picsart 1420259987244

    why does this have more downloads then the actual mod

    June 07, 2017
  • 7ce7ab imagine

    @Anime_Boom hey i m encountering texture pop up not loading etc issues and its a very frustrating thing.when im in first person cars interior is like ps3 graphics and that problems happening since i installed this mod.I definitely want to uninstall it.How do i uninstall it? anybody please help!!im so angry right now i tried re installing this mod 3 times i tried with patch and without patch and nothing changes.

    June 07, 2017
  • 1092e1 untitled 2

    @gamerpro023 pc specs? sounds like your video card is low on vram so its not loading up the meshes/textures in time

    June 07, 2017
  • 7ce7ab imagine

    @Anime_Boom gtx 970 i5 6500@ 3.4 ghz 8gb 2400mhz ram asus maximus viii hero motherboard

    June 08, 2017
  • 1092e1 untitled 2

    @gamerpro023 if your settings are at max try turning down some of the settings until you see the problem go away, if the problem still persists the other problem that it might be is corrupt .rpf files something might of happened when openiv was trying to install them causing the files to corrupt. I installed my mod fresh with the original and i do not have this problem.

    June 08, 2017
  • B6e46f 6q6orvk

    Is it possible to fix the lod textures because they appear as the normal GTA V textures, making the roads sort of pop in, especially at the airport and major streets

    June 09, 2017
  • 7ce7ab imagine

    @Anime_Boom if i turn down some settings like you said the problem will probably solved.But i wont do it.can you write the full list of which files does this mod change?

    June 09, 2017
  • Heists2

    Fatal error by installing the oiv file

    June 09, 2017
  • Default

    same here, this is the error I'm getting.

    Process ARCHIVE "x64p.rpf" with path "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64p.rpf"

    INFO -> Unable to open ARCHIVE with path "levels\gta5\_hills\cityhills_03\ch3_04.rpf" in parent archive "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64p.rpf"

    June 14, 2017
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