lspdfr Configurations For Dispatchworks and Eup 1.4

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This Configuration File will change the "agency eup" and "agency" files. This file will allow the DispatchWorks vehicles to spawn along with peds that have preset outfits from Eup Configurations. With this file you will also be able to select vehicles from DispatchWorks In the Garage.

Please Read Everything Before Downloading.

Also Note That this specific current version of the file does not add ALL the vehicles from Dispatch Works, (See Bottom of the page for planned versions) as it is a lot of info, It makes the garages very unorganized, and this specific file is intended to be as realistic as possible.

Please report any bugs or anything you think should be changed. The current file, being modern vehicles from DispatchWorks, is not fully tested or consistent, and will need to be refined and improved. Any feedback helps a lot. A full list of Agencies with changes vehicles and how they spawn is included. Please tell me if anything is wrong, or needs changed.

Demonstration of 1.2.0 LEO backup feature - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaM-KwfSLDA

Demonstration of 1.2.0 Fire backup feature - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-FA4RLRPv4

Demonstration of 1.2.0 Garage Selection - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nLN7lKCzvk&feature=youtu.be

Photos of 1.2.0 Ambient Vehicle Spawns - https://imgur.com/a/en6QyQ9

All agencies have their respective vehicles for this version, and I will start to work on tweaking, creating more agencies for leftover vehicles, as well as creating other files for different iterations of this file. The Agency Eup (Controls Eup backups) file allows you to have all current law enforcement agencies from eup, spawn in certain cars from DispatchWorks, As Well as select them in the police garage. The Agency File (Controls Vanilla lspdfr backups) allows you to select emergency vehicles, such as the fire dept, for backup. but not yet from the garage. Also note that all vehicle backup is randomized to be equal, or realistic. It is possible to make selection of specific vehicles for backup, but very time consuming.

Requirements- Please Make Sure All these are installed before you attempt to add these files.


When Installing, Remember to make backups. As this is tested, but not by many people.

This file is a modification of this file:


It is edited to add more vehicles, and more variations for spawning. Huge Thanks to hellasvp for the original file.

planned future versions- (these will be easily changeable for different gameplay)
-All DispatchWorks vehicles
-Retro Vehicles Only
-Modern/ Realistic Vehicles Only (Finished, but not fully tested)

Please Feel Free to test this out and leave reviews, criticisms, bugs/ issues, suggestions, or advice. So that I can figure out how well this works with other lspdfr setups.

like really, I need feedback before I can fix and update this.


1.0 - test to see if the configurations would work

1.1 - more fixes and changes to vehicles in the file, added fire dept. backup that can spawn.

1.2 - All agencies have their respective vehicles for this version, and I will start to work on tweaking, creating more agencies for leftover vehicles, as well as creating other files for different iterations of this file. A full list of Agencies with changed vehicles and how they spawn is included.

1.3 - Changed SASP agency (A pretty much useless copy of the SAPR agency) to be USBP, or border patrol. This is working and vehicles for this can spawn as backup, ambient, or in the garage. Backup peds spawn with border patrol eup. This version also brings minor changes to some vehicles in the file.

1.4 - Added ambulances from DW to be available and randomly selected as backup. I've also made an overhaul to the chances of certain vehicles spawning ambiently and when selecting backup to make the file more realistic and consistent. I've also made small changes to a few cars and spawning chances with peds using eup.


1.4 is going to be the final version for a while. And I probably wont modify this version unless people bring bugs to my attention, or until there is enough demand for retro vehicles and all DW vehicles. but for now this version should be pretty refined and work well. please report any bugs and notify me if you are really aching to see other versions. I'll probably be working on editing other xml's or textures for vehicles. I'm just now diving into making my own mods and seeing the work I put into it being used by other people is pretty cool. Thanks everyone.
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