"A More-Premium" Deluxe Motorsport Dealership 0.4X [final]

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If you install a mod of mine, I do not take responsibility for game crashes or any other game errors, as I always ensure that my mods work correctly before upload. However, I will try to assist you in fixing your game, but it's not always surefire.

Development of this mod has been discontinued temporarily to make room for upcoming mod 'Tesla Motors of Los Santos'

Initial release
Replaced Coming Soon Sign
Checkered Tile Floor Replaced with Concrete
Carpet Floor Replaced with Stained Hardwood
Rear Yellow Bricks Replaced with Stone
Roof Texture Replaced
Roof Cover-Up Replaced with Brushed Bronze
Interior Brick Replaced with Marble Tile
[0.4a] "The Purists Update"
Replaced Coming Soon Sign Brands with In-game Brands

Premium Deluxe Motorsport has undergone a huge exterior remodel, before being completely rebranded. New materials have been used about everywhere along the building. The brick texture has been replaced, the steel paneling above has been replaced, and more progress is to come.

- By downloading this mod, you understand that this mod is in ALPHA stage, and that your textures may or may not bug out around the location of PDM.
- This mod is a 'pre-release' version of my upcoming mod 'Los Santos Import Motorsport'

- NewTheft's Open All Interiors v4
- Alexander Blade's ScriptHookV

- Follow the folders in the zip and place files in the corresponding Grand Theft Auto V directory using the OpenIV software.

Known bugs by developer (still present to 0.4a, some workarounds found):
- Remodeled textures only appear from within 35 feet (est) of the building
- Coming Soon sign shows original texture from interior of building
- Concrete floor shows a remains of checkered tile

Thanks for downloading this texture, and please be sure to comment about it, rate it, and let me know of any bugs you find. Also, leave suggestions for what you would like to see in the next update.

mod by Aiden Patrick of Blue Company Graphics >


*Thanks to Mechartix (on Steam) for modeling a 3D sign of the Los Santos Import Motorsport logo, for the successor mod*

MODS COMING SOON [updated 9.1.16]:
- Tesla of Los Santos (DELAYED)
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First Uploaded: May 03, 2016
Last Updated: June 19, 2016
Last Downloaded: April 30, 2018

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