QuantV (featuring GraphicsTrainer)

QuantV is a graphic overhaul with a complete timecycle mod for GTA5.

Now featuring G.T. (GraphicsTrainer) to control ingame effects.

  • All weathers redone from the ground up.
  • Very simple and fast Reshade effect (optional).
  • All color corrections, reflections, lights, etc, are done with timecyc files, so no need for redundant postprocessing via injectors.
  • Using original DOF from game engine for better performance and depth accuracy (e.g: dof through car windows), you can control in realtime as usual with your own hotkey (*.ini file).
  • introducing GraphicsTrainer, it is a simple .ASI script to control ingame graphic effects like DOF or MotionBlur, it also have some other features:

  • · Camera Control.
    · MP vehicles unlocked (no need any extra script).
    · MP maps/garages in teleport menu.
    · Add-On Spawner up to 1,000 vehicles (*.ini file)
    · Control Reflections, Clouds, Water...
    · do timelapses, or slow-motion ingame.
    · the usual from any average trainer like vehicle customization, controller support, etc.

    * Requirements: ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade.


    you can change (or disable) togglekeys for your own in quantv.ini (see keycodes list)

    · F5 (RB+X for controller) to open/close menu.
    · Num4/6/8/2 (dpad for controller) to navigate thru menu.
    · Num5 (A for controller) to select.
    · Num0 (B for controller) to go back.
    · "-" (minus key) to enable/disable DOF.
    · F6 to enable/disable FREE CAM.
    · Shift (A for controller) to speed up FreeCam.
    · for SMAA and DirtyLens see ReShade preset in "optionals" folder, you can toggle effects ingame with "Shift+F2"


    I know the idea of a trainer with a graphic mod may sounds crazy or even nonsensical for some people. It started as a basic menu to control a few graphic effects (DoF, motion blur, color, etc), but if you want more precise control over distance and intensity of DOF you need to create a custom cam (here is where all started).

    Also, a lot of features were made on request by car modders and screenshoters, e.g: ability to spawn and customize vehicles while using cam, also change weathers and time without using hundreds of different trainers.

    Requests are welcome, but I still have a few more features in progress so please be patient.


    How To Install:

    OpenIV > Tools > Package Installer > select the file "QuantV_Install.oiv" > Install > DONE!

    How to Uninstall:

    OpenIV > Tools > Package Installer > select the file "QuantV_Uninstall.oiv" > Install > DONE!

    for more info please see "README" file.


  • optional vehshare included (HD Metallic Paint, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, license plates...)
  • ReShade 3.0 preset is optional, includes modified shaders with SMAAx2 and DirtyLens, you can also add the rest of Reshade shader suite just by putting them in their respective folders and creating your own preset.
  • more screenshots HERE

  • _________________________________________

    *All screenshots were taken in real-time gameplay, pure timecyc work, no R*editor, no enb, no reshade.
    First Uploaded: December 18, 2015
    Last Updated: January 23, 2017
    Last Downloaded: 2 hours ago

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    • 4155e8 quant
      Pinned Comment

                              ... QUANTV 2.0 IS COMING SOON ...

      April 11, 2017
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Quant Why would you set a timecycle modifier in OnTick? Toggle it on, toggle it off... the only thing you might set in OnTick is the strength modifier.

      However, there is more to this but I am lost as to where the problem lies. I have two installs of GTAV, one in Windows 7, one in Windows 10. My Windows 7 build is my dev OS, so no ENB, no Reshade and Simple Trainer V, all running at 60fps. If I put the QuantV trainer into the game, it works fine with timecycle modifiers.

      My Windows 10 build has your complete graphics mod installed, alongside my own ENB settings that lock the game down to 29.977fps and the same Simple Trainer installed. In this, my test script fails and the timecycle modifiers get reset instantly. If I remove QuantV.asi, it works fine.

      Now remember, my test script has no OnTick(), it simply toggles the modifier on and off under a keypress. The cs file is here if you want to see what it does https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LFvItVrwd0RWhla0QxeW5TSkk/view?usp=sharing This is the ONLY script I was running during the test.

      If you have any insight I am interested to hear.

      March 24, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      @LeeC2202 I had to ask about the "on tick" thing because in your video looks like there is something patching every frame (very aggressive), then I'm out of ideas.
      One question, If I understand the only difference between the two installation is ENB? if so can you confirm it is not the one doing weird stuff on tick?

      March 27, 2017
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Quant That video I showed basically sets the timecycle modifier when you change the menu entry and then does nothing else. The installation with ENB + Reshade, has the same scripts installed (I use symbolic links between both installs so they share the same scripts folder) and when I ran my test script that simply toggles the timecycle modifier on a key press, it got the same result... immediate cancellation of the effect.

      ASI wise, they both have OpenIV.asi, TrainerV.asi and OpenCamera.asi... and ScriptHookVDotNet.asi.

      It does look like something is setting the modifier on tick, but with nothing installed that is doing that, I am totally confused. I mean they are basically identical apart from one having QuantV + ENB installed and the other being a totally vanilla game. I know pretty much zero about Reshade and ENB though, I have tweaked some ENB settings but I don't actually know how they both hook into and affect the game. I have a variety of saved configs from the other graphics mods I have tried, so I will try switching in a few of those to see what happens. I will report back though as you may find something useful in what I find. Maybe there is an interaction between Reshade + ENB + Timecycle modifiers under a rare collection/combination of settings, that causes the problem. I will try them with and without the QuantV.asi installed as well.

      March 27, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      @LeeC2202 I doubt Reshade can do that, ENB in the other hand is very intrusive and known because of bugs, sadly I can't even use it so I can't test by myself...I'll appreciate your tests.

      btw there are mods that actually do that (https://pastebin.com/C2VuN93Y) I don't know author but make sure you are not using "advancedblur.asi" or similars even if they come from very popular mods.

      about .NET I can't say because I don't use it either.

      March 27, 2017
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Quant So here's what I know so far, (TC = TimeCycle Effects)

      QuantV update.rpf files + ENB + Reshade + QuantV.asi = no TC (a full install of QuantV)
      QuantV update.rpf files + Reshade + QuantV.asi = no TC
      QuantV update.rpf files + QuantV.asi = no TC
      Clean update.rpf file + QuantV.asi = no TC

      That's all under WIndows 10, which I am starting to wonder might be the key factor here because in Windows 7, I can run the QuantV.asi with all of my mods and it works perfectly.

      In Windows 10, I have two frozen states of GTAV that I use for testing, a version 678 and 877. The situation was the same in both 678 and 877. My Windows 7 install has a fully up to date version of the game. I find this gives me a good compatibility spread for diagnostic testing. I don't know why Win10 is causing a problem but it wouldn't surprise me to find it does. If I can think of any more ways to test, then I will update you further.

      March 27, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      @LeeC2202 looks like game version is the candidate.

      March 27, 2017
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Quant Yeah, that is very true... might be time for me to add a 3rd state to Win 10 for checking, I don't want to risk breaking my Win 7 install. If that does prove to be the case, then I sincerely apologise for implying that it may have been your asi that was the cause of the problem. That was pretty irresponsible of me and I should know better. :-(

      March 27, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      @LeeC2202 I believe I know what's causing it, if is what I think then I can fix it (not really fix but workaround so you can still use old game patch).

      March 27, 2017
    • Ca1400 avatar

      @Quant I appreciate that but honestly, don't spend time supporting old patches. I can run the older versions without the ASI and as I am now discovering, it doesn't affect the visual quality of the game as far as i can see.

      It is up to the users to make sure their game is compatible with your mod and if that means old versions don't work, then that is the price they have to pay. I am actually looking into setting up multiple configs for my Windows 7 install. I like using this graphics mod, it produces good quality images but if it is the game version, then it is me that has to put the effort in to get it working... I feel that is the fair way it should be done. It will also mean I won't have to switch OS just to take screenshots, so it will be worth doing anyway.

      I am grateful that you have taken the time to help, especially as I have wrongly pointed the finger at your mod for my problem.

      March 27, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      @LeeC2202 there are more people using old patches so it needs to be fixed anyway (or at least avoided), I always use latest patch so if it weren't for you I would never have found it so thank you!
      is fixed for next update.

      March 28, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      TO ALL:

      I had a few crazy weeks (plus some personal problems) and I couldn't finish what I had planned, so I apologize for the lack of updates. The good news is that QuantV 2.0 is progressing properly and is on its way, will come a little bit later but will come soon.

      I'll post some screenshots of the current progress later. Thank you all for the comments and +10K DOWNLOADS !!

      April 04, 2017
    • B4e1b8 untitled 2

      Really Loved the Trainer! Great Job dude. Maybe you should upload the Trainer as a separate mod itself.

      April 10, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      @Stelassin already done --> https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/graphicstrainer but need update urgently... sadly I'm very busy in the last few weeks and had almost no time to work on this, but after QuantV 2.0 release I'll update standalone version too.

      April 10, 2017
    • 4155e8 quant

      QuantV 2.0 progress... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=428747320830653

      9 days ago
    • D6c6c0 14407836 1463429803673217 228215751 o

      look forward to quantv 2.0

      5 days ago
    • 4155e8 quant
      2 days ago
    • Default

      Can't wait for the new trainer

      20 hours ago
    • 21f866 0eyeaxv

      @Quant I'm having three issues with this since installing it.
      1) On police cars, the headlights should wigwag. The wigwag affect happens, but the actual lights wigwag is dimmer than it should be.
      2) When using Rockstar editor, if I move the camera even slightly, my shot becomes blurry. I have to play the game to fix it.
      3) Also when using Rockstar editor, my mouse cursor is now being caught in the screenshots as well, something that didn't happen before. I have to move my mouse off the screen or try and hide it.

      14 hours ago
    • 21f866 0eyeaxv

      @Quant When I say "it", I mean QuantV.

      14 hours ago
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