LA Billboards - Real LA - MegaPack Add-On 4.2


Real Texture Pack to give a more realistic aspect to the game.

It is now fully compatible with "LA Roads" and any other mod

+ Chanelog:

- Add some server for download the pack.
- Some problems Crash are fixed

Update 3.9
- Add New Update From: "Real California Architecture"

Update 3.8
- Now is OIV

Update 3.7
- New Files From "Real California Architecture" By Vlad
- Hollywood Wax Museum
- In-N-Out in Hollywood
- Freeway signs around Hollywood Hills
- New Freeway signs
- Add New billboards
- Some Fix for Lod & Superlod.

Update 3.6
- Add New billboard in "Palomino Freeway"
- Add New billboard in "Airport" .
- Some Fix for Lod & Superlod.
- You can download the new files and add them. Or simply download the complete and completely updated and defragmented pack.
- Textures are reviewed and have their optimal resolution.
- There is another add-on "Extra_Mods" Here you can add any other mod and save space on your HDD.

+ Instructions:

- Manual Installation.
1.- Download the file and inside the download link of the mod. You have 2 servers to choose from.

2.-Copy and paste the 3 folders of the folder "content" in:Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks.

3.- Go to update.rpf and edit the "dlclist.xml" located in "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data" add this line:


4.- Now I offer another addon "Extra_Mods" option. Here you can add any other textures mod, all the files going inside the "textures.rpf" file
and you will have all your favorite mod in addon.
- Enjoy.

+ Contents of the pack:

- Mods By GanjaHouse:
- Real Billboards From LA.
- New Real California Posters.
- Real Graffitis And Tags From some artists.
- Graffiti provided by the authors.
- Real Beach Towels.
- Hershey Candy Sign.
- Airport Billboards and Real Companies flights.
- Starbucks Coffee Shops.
- Billboard bus Stop
- WestCoast Customs L.A. Benny's Motor Garaje.
- WestCoast Customs Sunset Garage.
- Franklins House.
- Lods and superLods.
- Now is Fully compatible with all Mods.

The Addon Version contains the other Big popular mods By Other Modders:

- All my mods and also:
* Real California Architecture
* Real Life Venice Beach
* Deus Ex Machina Customs Store
* Hollywood Flowing Billboard Modification
* In-N-Out & Krispy Kreme
* Facebook Social Network Building
* Cocacola Vending Machines
* Real Life Random Props, Clutter, Bar, Food ....
* KFC Mod
* KFC Mod 2
* Golden State Warriors Wall

I recommend this mod, to use replacement cars in a dlc addon, just need this kit,


Photo Gallery

All credits for GanjaHouse.

Thanks to Chenapan, QuantV, TheCameraGuy, _Vlad_, justindesign, artkrime, israelsr, eshenk, Z@gor, TheRemy, Reyser, Jalenliu, Southsde.
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First Uploaded: July 23, 2015
Last Updated: March 06, 2020
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