Sifu Melee Combat Mod (UEFA Brawling Style Pack #1) 1.2 (Control Update)


Basic Description:
What this mod is all about: (THIS IS NOT A SCRIPT)
This mod overhauls the visual aspect/functionality of melee fights allowing them to look more realistic and varied when compared to the original GTA V melee system.
It completely enhances the melee combat system adding in new melee weapon combos, counters, finishers, fighting animations, taunts, damage/reactions and much more. It makes melee fights longer lasting,
visually appealing and generally more fun. In this stability release, it uses available brawling styles from Ultimate Enhanced Fighting Animations mod version 6.5.5 and makes it compatible with GTA V Story Missions and gameplay.
INSTALLATION (HOW TO INSTALL): (read carefully please)

1. Open OpenIV, go to the "tools" tab, click on "Package Installer". Double click the OIV file "SifuCombatMod.OIV" and then click "install" and "install into mods folder".
Or/ Simply drag and drop the OIV file anywhere into Open IV, with edit mode activated, and install into mods folder.

2. Use this same path and install "New Melee Combat Sounds v1.5" to make the sounds MUCH more brutal! Stripped from the game Sleeping Dogs and upgraded version!!
3. Use this path to install "IV Unarmed Damage Effects" to have blood splatter effect to unarmed punches as seen in UEFA 6.5.2 showcase.

4.Do the same for the other OIV file titled "Remove MW Fears" IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE GENERIC PEDS RUNNING AWAY FROM DANGEROUS LOOKING MELEE WEAPONS...(machete, hatchet, dagger etc)

--------------NOTICE (following is not required for installation just general helpful stuff to know):-----------------------
I recommend you backup your update.rpf, common.rpf and x64c files before installing this mod. They are hefty files so be aware of your computer space, but this will help make sure you can revert quickly to previously edited files without reverting back to vanilla via uninstall package.

This mod changes your gameconfig automatically to have the one necessary for this mod and uninstaller will add vanilla config. (After joining the discord community below, go to gameconfig-manual-edits) to manually edit your existing gameconfig if you desire to keep your previous config. (gameconfig contained in this mod was built from the ground up from limitless vehicles with author permission) or go to mod-fixes channel of our discord community to install updated test files. (If provided)

Please read text document "4.How to assign fighting styles to models" it has a video tutorial on how to assign styles to Base game peds. You can also Join my discord and go to tutorials section to find a tutorial on switching addon ped styles. ;D

-----Full descriptions, credits and change logs-----

Included in this Mod: (Simple View)
+Full Controller Support (Highly Encouraged)
+New Melee Animations (Retargeted from Unreal Engine, Sifu & Absolver, or base GTA V database)
+Combo Finishers
+Melee Weapon Combos
+Alternate Unarmed Combos
+Enhanced Counter Moves for unarmed and melee weapons.
+Melee Weapon Animations
+Failed Takedown Animations Replace Forward Kicks
+Edited Ped Health and Damages
+Player and AI Taunts
+Melee Enemy Types with Different Buffs and Weaknesses
+Melee Enemy Types Have Different Melee Combos/Finishers and Counters
+Many Enemies Fight at Once (Allow large Street Brawls)
+Replaced Shove attacks.
+Armed Gun Melee Combos
+Edited Gunner Melee Reactions
+One Handed and Two-Handed Gun Attack Combos/Combo Finishers
+New Overhauled writhing animations using GTA V database.
+7 total, assignable, fighting styles implemented into the world of GTA V inspired by the legendary game Sifu!!

Hold Right Click to lock on then hold space to initiate block/dodge and R to counter (now is specific)
Lock On plus Q for focus attacks.
No Lock on & Left Click activate low range attacks and can damage down victims.
Lock on plus R is to target down victims directly.
Lock on plus R is to activate takedowns against armed opponents.
Left Click during R light combos activates heavy attack sequences.
Each style has specific, light R plus Left Click heavy attacks leading to unique combinations and combo finishers.
Close proximity plus Left Click when locked onto opponent activates shove attack.
When victim is at low health, press R finish them off. (still occurs randomly)
When at far enough away distance from facing opponent, press right click to conduct long distant forward attacks on victim.
For Stealth kills, using all melee wpns or unarmed, go up behind unsuspecting victims, enter stealth mode or see camera zoom and wait for hands to come up when close enough then press R to execute them stealthfully. (edited)

Gamepad Controls:
X Plus B to counter (now is specific)
Lock On plus A for focus attacks.
No Lock on & RT activate low range attacks and can damage down victims.
Lock on plus B is to target down victims directly.
Lock on plus B is to activate takedowns against armed opponents.
RT activates heavy attack sequences.
Each style has specific, light B plus RT heavy attacks leading to unique combinations and combo finishers.
Close proximity plus RT when locked onto opponent activates shove.
When victim is at low health, press B finish them off. (still occurs randomly)
When at far enough away distance from facing opponent, press RT to conduct long distant forward attacks on victim.
For Stealth kills, using all melee wpns or unarmed, go up behind unsuspecting victims, pres LS enter stealth mode or see camera zoom and wait for hands to come up then press B to execute them stealthfully.

Specific Combinations for Sifu Brawling Style: (Gamepad and Keyboard)
Main Sifu Style: (This can be an example for other styles) ( Keep in mind Some do not have as many variations as this style, but you can test them all and find out! ;D)
At short distance, press RT (or LC) to chain strike, or Snap Kick (varies between 2)
While not locked on press RT (LC) to low strike or use various low attacks. (Can hurt downed opponents)
To push kick an enemy back, press B (R) and then RT (LC) to initiate attack.
To initiate "Shove" attacks, be in very close proximity and press RT (LC).
To do a light combo spam B (R) 3x including initial forward short so sometimes 4.
To do heavy combo, Press B (R) twice and then press RT to initiate heavy combo finishers.
To do front facing takedowns, run up to armed opponent and press B (R) while locked on.
To initiate a running attack, run up with A (Shift) and press B (R) to light attack and do the same plus RT (LC) to do a heavy running attack.


Version 1.2:
Implemented new Heavy and Light Control WIP impulses similar to WIP Sleeping Dogs Combat mod that is in development to all 7 styles.
Improved Anim Blend times among various moves
Improved BS_FRANKLIN moveset and fixed glitchy animation transitions.
Improved BS_BODY_GUARD moveset and fixed locked combo glitch.
Improved BS_FLASH_KICK moveset and fixed locked combo glitch
Improved BS_BIG_GUY attack moves
Improved Various hit reactions amongst combos
Added missing BS_BAK_MEI hit reactions for some light combo attacks.
Added new attack moves for BS_BAK_MEI's moveset using heavy button sequences.
Removed AI takedown moves to allow higher chance of survival within melee encounters.
Improved attack damages to allow longer fights, but also preserve challenge amongst opponents.

Version 1.1 (Visual Update)
-Updated the game-config to the latest version
-Included helpful "controls" folder for Gamepad and Keyboard Controls
-Added in missing blend in and out variables to animations to improve fluidity and visual appearance. (This includes all takedowns, no target attacks, counters, hit reactions etc)

Version 1.0: (General Enhancements and Improvements)
-Tested with main missions and all main locations without crashes
-Crashing during gameplay is now very uncommon (hasn't happened to me yet)
-New Unreal Engine generic strafe added from Qwertnikol's Unreal Engine Fighting Animations Pack (WIP)
-New Upper body strafes, Capoeira, Karate etc have been added and with appropriate root motion (Switching styles does not change upper strafe, but will create tutorial soon to teach how to assign upper & lower strafes in peds.ymt ;D)
-Renamed Existing UEFA brawling styles to fit the theme of this pack (SEE LIST BELOW OR ON 5MODS DESCRIPTION)
-Added in new staggering hit reactions to strong attacks and various new realistic hit reactions to improve visual quality of various combos. Thank you Kaz Productionz!!
-Overhauled directional attacks with accompanying hit reactions that allow longer standing combat and lesson frequent ragdolls.
-Overhauled BS_FIRE_DISCIPLE to resemble closer to the style from Sifu, but also with some added custom attacks using unused Sifu Animations.
-Improved AI of ALL fighting styles. (AI can now dodge, evade and use NEW support attacks for all brawling styles) -Animations varies based on assigned styles.
-Updated and improved on the block mechanic that accompanies the dodge left and dodge right functions and add new Unreal Engine Animations w/root motion. (Hold/Press X on controller at the right time to force a block reaction then press B to initiate a counter)
-Further Improved homing of various style attacks to not zip characters around, but instead give more reality to movements.
-Added a NEW brawlingstyle named BS_BODY_GUARD which features Gun Fu, Judo and various CQC animations retargeted from the game Absolver, Sifu and Unreal Engine. (Gun fu takedowns still do not have fx, but they are available at least and function like takedowns) Resembles that of John Wick and Kuroki's Bodyguards.
-Added new custom assignable walk styles. (Triad, Wei Shen, Hogwarts Legacy "used in Sifu Showcase", and WIP Sifu Walk "Glitchy")
-Improved on all melee wpn counters, takedowns and combos. BS_BAK_MEI has Sifu Staff animations, and Blades have Sifu Blade combos.
-Fixed Melee Wpn directionals to better land properly on incoming enemies.
-Overhauled BS_FLASH_KICK to resemble better the art of Brazilian Martial Arts! Add various new support attacks for AI as well as counters and combos.
-Added Root motion to Various Takedowns to improve playability.
-Overhauled BS_AI base fighting style to be more efficient but lacks combo finishers due to resembling a basic style. Are much quicker however to still pose a challenge. Inspired by Weaker Grunt Enemies from Sifu
-Fixed Ground attacks and replaced low kicks with proper homing to improve attack contacts
-Added New Unreal Engine AI taunts and intro anims for various styles. (reflects the assigned styles)
-Upgraded Sifu Style to resemble that of Sifu & Yang Movesets "Technically the Master Moveset Modifier" and added new counters and special throws/takedowns.
-Sifu Style has all new front facing Knife takedowns (provided by Ferz Denikin) and some Staff/Bat takedowns retargeted by Ferz and myself! :D
-Sifu Staff moveset is available when using two handed guns as well ;D (Causes for some neat reactions)
-All styles have various tweaks to combos and movesets to better improve on function, smoothness and quality. Feel free to check them all out and find out your favorite ones!!

Total Fighting Styles in this pack: (7)
BS_AI "Weaker Grunt Style"
BS_FRANKLIN "Street Brawler & Professional Sifu Grunt"
BS_BIG_GUY "Heavy moveset inspired by Big Guy enemy from Sifu"
BS_BAK_MEI "Sifu's main style and alternative form of Wing Chun"
BS_FIRE_DISCIPLE "Shaolin Monk style inspired by Sifu using fire disciple attack anims and absolver anims"
BS_BODY_GUARD "CQC style inspired by John Wick and Kuroki's Body Guards"
BS_FLASH_KICK "Inspired by Sifu's Flash Kick enemy type, and uses Capoeira Anims "Brazilian Martial Arts" from Absolver and Unreal Engine"

Name Changes from UEFA 6.5.5:
BS_BAK_MEI (Stays)
BS_FRANKLIN (Stays) = Professional Grunt
BS_AI = (Stays) = Low Level Grunt


VERY SPECIAL thank you,

Kaz productions for animation retargets and animation contributions!!:

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPdkQMse8kHZu5sz0mHCklA

Ferz Denikin's amazing converted anims and tutorials!!

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCswUqU0nmMXodJI7exgmJUg/videos

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Each and every one of you in my modding community and outside in the public, your inspiration, showcases, creativity, encouraging words made this all possible!
Keep in touch:

Join our discord community to follow updates or make suggestions to this mod or share ideas! Have some cool anims to share and want to learn more about animation retargets? Let's discuss some plans and ideas! ;D

Youtube: "Wolf Fire Productionz" Feel free to check out our latest videos, please like and subscribe if you love our mods and productions! ;D

Would you be interested in commissions for your very own custom brawling styles? Reach out through the Discord channel above and ask about what is available and offered! ;D

Known Issues:
There is a random location in Rancho/Innocence BLVD that seems to have a random crash. Let me know if this still persists for any of you in my discord. I am trying to figure out the reason behind it, once it's learned I'll post another update! ;D Thank you for your patience!
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