V: The Federal Connection Part 4.0.1

#1 Choice for your real Federal needs.

This brings back those government agencies you know and hate. We are aware some people are really into lore, and we understand that, but to those people i can confidently say; i am afraid this is not the mod for you.

-Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
-Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

"Don't act surprised when black SUV's full of Federal Agents armed with Assault Rifles pull up after you've killed 3 dozen cops. They'll fire 30 rounds into you before you can say "2nd amendment". Those large helicopters in the sky are a sign that you probably shouldn't of shot down those smaller, less intimidating helicopters earlier. Well, at least you do have to show up to work tomorrow."

LSPDFR Friendly

Change Log:

*1.0.0 Release*
1.0.2 Better coat texture.
1.0.3 Fixed pants texture.
1.0.4 Fix.
1.0.5 Re-added pants colors.
1.0.6 New Textues, Fixed Vest.
1.0.7 Fixed the issue where bodyguards, partners, etc.. are still FIB.
1.0.8 Added Readme.
1.0.9 Updated Readme.
1.1.0 New IAA and SWAT "FBI" textures.
1.1.1 Updated & simplified instructions on how to get police script partners FBI skins.
1.1.2 Updated FBI badge & ID.
1.1.3 NEW GTA IV Style Noose, & CIA.
1.1.4 Updated Noose skin, new patches.
1.1.5 Updated Noose skin (more like GTA IV)
1.1.6 Added news gloves and updated textures for Noose.
1.1.7 NEW Los Angeles SWAT Peds.
1.1.8 Larger SWAT Patch, Uniforms now proper blue color.
1.1.9 Finished vest texture for SWAT Ped.
2.0.0 Added a Dispatch, updated FBI textures.
2.0.1 Wrong file in last update.
2.0.2 Fixed FBI Spawn issue. Added DEA.
2.0.3 Added further FBI spawning on 5th star, along with annihilators. Minor change so "police" cars spawn instead of "police3".
2.0.4 Added Lore Friendly options. Added varied Police car spawns.
3.0.0 New custom FBI Model (WIP).
3.0.1 Updated FBI model, fixed clipping issue.
3.0.2 Updated vest texture, more like real FBI vest.
3.0.3 Completely redone installation instructions.
3.0.4 Improved pant textures.
3.0.5 Rare Dispatch spawn issue fix.
4.0.0 New Los Angeles SWAT model.
4.0.1 Added shoulder pad to SWAT.

Inspired by the events of 1992

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Installation path in the file

Part of the 5 series

© Copyright BLACKHACK09
First Uploaded: July 09, 2015
Last Updated: 3 days ago
Last Downloaded: 2 hours ago

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