The Stealth (continued from CPRE) [+ OIV] 2.0a

NOW WITH AN OPTIONAL RIPPLERS REALISM PACKAGE (Baka's Sounds required. Rippler changed some sound paths. Using RR without Baka's Sounds will result in some weapon sounds have low db or inproper audio. To reassure you, I personally don't use the sound pack and don't notice it.)

THE STEALTH IS A DIRECT CONTINUATION OF CPRE, with revised, fixed, and added features. I genuinely don't think there's a more complete stealth mod out there, well, that's why I created it back then.


Being stealthy is careful planning. Using a silencer doesn't grant you invisibility. Not seeing a witness doesn't make the stealth in this mod broken.

1. Quick About
2. Disclaimer
3. Incompatibilities
4. Installation
5. Full Description (mod used)
6. Features
7. Changelog

1. === QUICK ABOUT ===

The ultimate stealth experience. Fair, realistic, challenging, and fun. Longer and tougher on foot chase. 1 star cops don't shoot as soon as they see your ass. You can hide in unidentified cars (grey blip) and escape if you don't come too close to investigating cops. Silenced and melee weapons act as such, no surprises. Cops will now search the crime scene for longer if they lose sight of you, for better hidden escapes.

2. === DISCLAIMER ===

The mods have been carefully merged and troubleshot from day one of The Stealth development. This is a stable version compatible with 944.1. The Stealth might be incompatible with scripts modifying AI behavior, such as KeepCalm and Arrest & Warrant.

If you have any problem, carefully and patiently explain the conditions in which the problem occurred. You might just have other files on your install, incompatible with The Stealth.

It is highly recommended to have backup files before modding GTA V. I have full backups of over 5 versions.


- KeepCalm (script)

- Arrest and Warrant (Apparently, reported from @Bass75, this script is compatible with FTFR if you disable the Lethal Force Authorization. I haven't tested this though. I invite you to test it out.)


You'll need Script Hook V, an ASI loader (provided with Script Hook V), and OpenIV.asi (provided with OpenIV).

- Open game archives with OpenIV.
- Drag and drop the mod content into its respective game archives.
- Full file locations inside the FTFR mod folder.


- Go into OpenIV
- Tools > Package Installer
- Install the first .oiv provided (and if you want Ripplers Realism, install the second after the first)


5. === DESCRIPTION ===

This is a direct copy of my other mod Fine-Tuned Felony & Response. Difference being, it only uses the files that affect stealth.

Here's a list of the mods originally used:

- Crime & Police Rebalance and Enhancement by BobJaneTMart

- Realism Dispatch Enhanced by Dilapitated and mkeezay30

- Ripplers Realism by Rippler (only non DLC weapons are modified in the first .oiv package)

6. === FEATURES ===

Stealth is a fully functional and fair feature
- silenced and melee weapons act as such, no surprises no bullshit,
- only witnessed and reported crimes will grant you a wanted level
- when out of sight you have a chance to hide in vehicles (and not be spotted from far away, à la Watch Dogs)
- Cop despawning has been revised so when you become hidden and leave an area, cops keep searching the said area

Cop and enemy AI refined for a smarter and more challenging approach
- better flanking, climbing and overall investigating from cops
- specific behavior for the different branch of the police/military forces
- same for gangs, they will be more reckless and offensive than a trained FIB agent for example
- AI view cones are extended to emulate real life sighting
- wanted timer and out of sight timer have been fine tuned for each different classes of cops, aiming for a more fair and balanced experience

The whole world feels more realistic
- people aren't focused on your every move, you feel like a citizen among citizens
- cops won't necessarily be called for a fist fight in the hood for example
- people carry on with their lives for tiny events that don't matter to them

7. === CHANGELOG ===

The Stealth - v2.0a

- OIV Hotfix

The Stealth - v2.0

* Updated my game to 944, old LUAs are all working fine, therefore I'm trying to update all the mods, RWG DLCs crashes the game at this very point
- Tweaked cop spawning values when wanted to compensate for the far car sense range (vision cone)
- Doubled sniper range, you can now hit every ped you see on screen
- Provided Ripplers Realism for The Stealth (optional), except for AI & health files, aswell as some values for Carbine, Sniper, and Stun Gun (my 3 go-to weapons)
- Therefore removing/replacing Refine Weapons & Gameplay
- Tweaked yet again the evasion timers, I'm reaching a middle ground, soon I'll stop messing with those
- Tweaked the number of cops spawning for 3 stars (tweaked 2 stars aswell back in v1.2 and forgot to mention it)
- Decreased evasion timer for 1 star
- Changed the accuracy for the snipers (the Franklin's bridge sniping heist part was unplayable)
- Decreased Stungun damage time and hit force
- For mission compatibility purposes, stun gun returned to default damage, and apparently electric damage is a kill by default
- Added Streets of Rage Brawling and parts of Euphoria Ragdoll Overall, I realize it goes in pair with the damages data in The Stealth

The Stealth - v1.1

- Doubled ammo for pistols, rifles, and snipers, tripled for uzis
- Decreased sniperrifle values (recoil etc) to make rapid scope targeting quicker/easier
- Fixed an issue where an empty car would be dispacthed when dialing the cops
- Reduced timer for known position after being reported and going out of sight
- Increased required evasion time for 1, 2, and 3 stars (don't even know if it does anything at this point)
- Increased cop despawing distance to emulate a still on going search after you leave the area you disapeared in
- Somehow and somewhat increased the on foot pursuit proficiency of cops

The Stealth - v1.0a

- Longer evasion time (out-of-sight to 0 star) for 1 star
- Fixed hearing range of non silenced firearms
- Provided an optional (buggy) file, making all silenced bullet impacts completely silent, but making ~1/5 of witnesses not reacting to people dying around them (still haven't figured out why)

The Stealth - v1.0

- Initial release of stealth only version of FTFR

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1b

- OIV hotfix

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1a

- Longer ambulance dispatch time
- Pursuing cops (1 star) will wait longer before starting to shoot (2 star)
- Longer evasion time (out-of-sight to 0 star) for 1 and 2 star
- Added unmarked police car to traffic and police spawns

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1

- Decreased ambulance dispatch time to emulate a better immersion after silencing peds
- Perfected stealth attributes of melee kills/stun gun (only med/close range visual witnesses can be alerted)
- Pinpointed how to make silencers completely silent (close range hearing) through scenariotriggers, unfortunately every config I tried was bugged, still progress I guess

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.0

- Initial release

Felony Project - Prerelease Polishhhhhh

- Decreased identification range for all AI to emulate realistic hiding in cars during out-of-sight timer
- Fixed an issue with navcapabilities tied to slope pathfinding that caused some AI to ignore scenarios/pathfinding in some missions
- Fixed some values within \tune that caused random crashes
- Modified pedhealth to increase fist fight durability and change ped response to being shot
- Troubleshot a bunch of files that caused weird behavior from peds
- Decreased time-out timer (wanted to out of sight)
- Increased amnesty timer (out of sight to not wanted)
- Fixed some stability issues tied to wantedtuning.ymt
- Fixed a problem between damages.meta and pedhealth.meta that prevented (knife) stealth kills
- Ajusted stungun values, acts as suppressed (sound range), 6 sec recharge, 12 sec damage duration (stunned)

Felony Project - Alpha Testing

- First comparison and selection of the original files (5 major mods involved + wallets)
- Rebranded every file because it's extremely important to brand files that existed before you even thought of modding them, so people know it's YOU and only YOU who changed some values in a chunk of text
- Got to know the files, took em on a date or two, went to the 3rd base pretty quick, got butterflies up my colon, though when I think of it, it could've been that kebhap from the other night
- First fine-tunes and stability tests
- Increased cop AI sense range and vision cone angle
- Modified combatbehavior to increase efficiency of cops
- Fine-tuned stuff here and there to test ped response to different events
First Uploaded: July 31, 2016
Last Updated: January 12, 2017
Last Downloaded: 1 hour ago
Def4ba the stealth
Def4ba stealth preview
Def4ba identification range preview
4918b2 16eea7 gta5 2017 01 07 17 51 45 78
4918b2 gta5 2017 01 08 22 46 57 40
4918b2 16eea7 gta5 2017 01 07 17 04 04 00
Def4ba vlc 2016 07 10 15 45 09 67

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  • Default

    @The_XXI damn bro chill sorry man. didnt know u was gunna be pissed off. I dont know why
    I cant pull out my phone anymore, I changed Franklin's skin to another model maybe that was it

    January 22, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @Saberninja710 It was more of a *sigh* mood than anger. Don't take curses as if they meant total anger. And don't get offended by this, it's genuinely not personal at all, it's just crazy to me than someone with a problem doesn't try to think out of the box to try and identify the problem before claiming it's someone's fault. It's human I understand that, to point at the closest target, but, you have many tools to try and cross test your platform before calling names.

    I'm just really tired but yeah, be curious, and try to research by yourself before anything. What I do on many mods when I have a problem is, load as many comments as I can on the mod page, press ctrl-f to open the search in page option, and then I enter tag close to my problem.

    January 22, 2017
  • Default

    @The_XXI oh ok cool man fo sho ty

    January 22, 2017
  • Default

    I'm trying to stay close to the vanilla game and I really don't want the extra stuff like streets of rage or euphoria physics or anything that changes weapons. Could you tell me what files to install that only affect stealth? Or would I be better off just getting that old stealth fix mod? Thanks.

    January 22, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @NoCountryForOldPodge The Stealth only:

    agitatedtriggers.meta (this comes in SoRB but it affects how people react to crimes too, it goes in pair with stealth features)
    dispatch.meta (evasion timers in there ; & ambulance dispatch delay, vanilla is: kill = you hear sirens right away)
    shockingevents.ymt (this comes in SoRB but it affects how people react to crimes too, it goes in pair with stealth features)

    You're missing out on many things, aswell as some weapon fixes in weapons.meta. But hey, it's your call.

    January 22, 2017
  • Default

    @The_XXI hey just one more thing, sorry to bother. this mod seemed to have removed some interactions such as: close range weapon butt attacks. how do I restore it? thanks

    January 23, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @Saberninja710 The fatal melee attacks when pressing fire with a rifle/shotgun when very close to a target? I still have them. Did you install another mod on top of mine?

    January 23, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @Achwalt About the bombs, do you get the star after a short delay, or do you get it instantly when the explosion happens? I can make so the explosion needs to be witnessed, but the thing is, your bullets aswell are your bombs are tied to you, no matter how far you are, if those are considered crimes and witnessed by peds, they will report you to the police. It's something I cannot change.

    January 23, 2017
  • Default

    @The_XXI Sry for the late answer, facing exams at the moment ;) The police star apperas after a short delay, somewhere between 5-10 sec past explosion apart from one exception: In front of police stations you will get one star instantly.
    Seems to indicate what you've described in your comment above... :(
    Hope that was helpful anyway.

    January 29, 2017
  • 5898d8 photo

    A very annoying thing is that the shipper of the weapons becomes invisible.
    Sorry to my bad english.

    February 02, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @Roberto2512 "I'll downvote his mod, that'll sure make him inclined to solve my problem."

    February 02, 2017
  • 374114 saladin

    @The_XXI Salut, j'ai rencontré un problème en jeu, les animaux n'ont plus du tout peur des trois protagonistes ou des npc, je peux m'approcher d'un cerf, le coller au corps sans qu'il ne fuit. C'est pareil pour la plupart des animaux. Une idée d'où ça peut venir? Merci.

    March 05, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @Bass75 Yep c'est dans ma liste de truc à fixer. Apparemment ça vient du fichier relationship.

    March 05, 2017
  • Gtao47

    @Saberninja710 Did you turn off the in-game mobile phone option in Menyoo? https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp

    March 12, 2017
  • Gtao47

    @The_XXI I uninstalled the Arrest Warrant script from Realism Dispatch Enhanced and my game is STILL crashing when there are lots of cops around. Any ideas what could cause this?

    March 12, 2017
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @0x49 Wait, you use my mod and RDE together? No wonder, if that's that.

    RDE, is a buggy mess, the non added models version I used as a base comparison was filled with lines inherent to the added models version, resulting in crashes when the added models were requested by the mod but not present in the installation. In short, fuck RDE, you either use RDE, or FTFR, not both, they're not "compatible".

    March 16, 2017
  • Gtao47

    @The_XXI Good point. But shouldn't you put RDE on the list of Incompatabilities?

    9 days ago
  • E3986c 943467 10201313054018463 1406495534 n

    @0x49 "Here's a list of the mods originally used:
    - Crime & Police Rebalance and Enhancement by BobJaneTMart
    - Realism Dispatch Enhanced by Dilapitated and mkeezay30
    - Ripplers Realism by Rippler (only non DLC weapons are modified in the first .oiv package)"

    Thought it was self explanatory. I'm the type of guy who'd put this type of note in the incompatibilities section "And don't use the original mods, come on, they're already here, come on, common sense, please, are you serious? Why do I need to explain this?"

    So, you tell me what I should do, cause I don't know anymore.

    9 days ago
  • Gtao47

    @The_XXI I don't think you can do anything anymore. There are just incompatability issues that cannot be solved.

    9 days ago
  • Default

    Lol I'm not even sure if this is updated

    5 days ago
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