chinese police motorcycle - BMW R1200RT 1.0

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If you don't like it,please don't download it and don't bitch it.
I do not own this vehicles mod, i only have this livery copyright.
Before u use this livery u need to know how to install,don't ask me,cuz i got install problem too.

Well, we saw a lot of battenburg markings police motorcycle.yea,in china. but what about the old livery? should we just throw away? i don't think so, this thing come up. like the usual,i base on the P.R.China public safely standard.

This time was use Bleep999's Metropolitan Police BMW R1200RT. Unfortunately i don't know how to install that.i got wrong headlight and some of model shake when engine on.if u got problem with that,dont ask me. i am try to use another model.

DO NOT re-upload, re-edit it.

I can't ask give me five star,cuz i think the model problem may not let u feel happy.if u can tell me how to make that model work appropriate, i appreciate that.

download model:https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/metropolitan-police-bmw-r1200rt
use my texture replace original texture.

This livery by me
Model Purchased by: London's Calling/
Model Textures: Bleep999
Model Conversion to IV: Bleep999
Convert to V: Bleep999
Massive Help Fixing issues: BritishGamer88/BPM
Default Siren Mapping: Bleep999
Model Tempating: Bleep999
Model Fixes: Bleep999
Lighting Equipment: Bleep999
Lighting Equipment Textures: Bleep999
Speakers: Bleep999
Buttons and Radio: Bleep999
Side and Rear Boxes: Bleep999
Antenna: Bleep999
Skins: Luigi
Window Textures: Luigi
Number Plates: Bleep999
Sound and seating fix: Pledge
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First Uploaded: March 14, 2019
Last Updated: March 15, 2019
Last Downloaded: January 05, 2022

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