Shift into Realism (The Vehicle Emblem Project) 1.2


Bringing that extra piece of realism to Los Santos.

So with my trusty DK2 and Bo Xuan Hon's Grand Theft VR I've come to see Los Santos from a new perspective. With a little work GTA V is a pretty good start at a city simulator with the freedom to be as brutal as you like. You can even make it feel like home with mods that keep the weather in line with your own local forecast and synchronize the clock with local time even make every flag a Canadian one ;]. But the cars have these ugly a** emblems from terribly named rip offs...

I've started to fix that and one day I may replace them all but I thought 100 vehicles would be a good start! This includes all the vehicles from the “I'm Not a Hipster” update and I plan to do “Executives and Other Criminals” in my next update. Using Jax765's Real Weapon Names 1.6 as a base I have renamed 93 vehicles to their real world counterparts. I have also changed 25 of the manufacturers names, 5 additional manufactures where blanked out as they made conflicting branded cars (These conflicting cars include the Brand in their title). Ynthedude had made a valiant effort last year to release a vehicle logos mod but it only covered a few cars. I went through and replaced every renamed vehicles emblems to match, as well as a few extras (taxi, life guard, ambulance etc.) I even changed the race car decals and interiors for the few cars with unique interiors. 90% of the emblems were made from high-res photos of each vehicles logos that I hand cut and colour adjusted in photoshop to keep them looking as crisp and clean as possible. Some of the text logos I photoshoped from scratch as high-res pictures where hard to find (My chrome letters get better as I made it through all 100 vehicles haha).

There are a few mods that rename cars already which I realize but most change less than 30 cars. I also wanted real weapon names so I have used Jax765's global.gxt2's with permission but all the car and manufacturer names I found/chose based off of Carscoops' 50 GTA V Cars and Their Real Life Counterparts, igta5's Vehicles list and GTA Wiki. A lot of thought was put into which name to use in a few cases that may be controversial. It was usually either to match up with the brand already assigned in game, to avoid cars of the same name or based on GTA Wiki's opinion of original influence discounting more minor influences but feel free to inquire or suggest changes though most in the current list will probably stay as is (except Karin, it may become Toyota in the future).

A text file listing all name changes is included in the Zip file

GTA V v1.0.617.1
Script Hook V v1.0.617.1
OpenIV 2.7

Use OpenIV Package Installer

Start OpenIV:

If you are using a "mods" folder!

First make sure you have a copy of "x64e.rpf" and "x64w.rpf" in your "mods" folder (right clight 'Copy to "mods" folder')
Then be sure you have a copy of "update.rpf" in your "mods" folder from "GTA V Root\update\"
Finally make a copy of the "dlc.rpf" files within these folders at "GTA V Root\update\x64\dlcpacks":

You can skip copying any rpf's you already have modded the installer will be placing all the files in your copy of these rpfs.

Once you've done that or if installing to root:

Click Tools in the menu bar
Click Package Installer
Navigate to where you saved "Shift into Realism v1.2.zip"

Manual Installation:
Use assembly.xml as reference!
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