The IVinV 1.0 [BETA]

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Welcome to my New mod!

Replaces Michael with Niko bellic
Replaces Franklin with Luis Lopez
Replaces Trevor With Johnny Klebitz
Replaces Johnny Klebitz cutscene model with Trevor (Blood is also there) - not in this version , sorry i f*cked something up
Replaces Interaction Menu
Replaces Character Switch menu
Working special abilities
Working missions
Working Outfits
Working beards for Johnny Klebitz (Trevor)
Working hats , glasses for all characters

Niko hair is buggy (go into barber shop and change to bald hair or use trainer)
Buggy michael leftover hair (gonna be removed in next version)
Luis lopez has bugged legs

To do:
Replace johnny klebitz ig model with trevor (i don't think it is possible)
Replace ashley with trevor mom
Replace trevor mom with ashley
Replace dialogues , text
Replace character wheel player colours (Niko - white , Luis - Purple , Johnny - Yellow)
add more clothing to luis , niko , johnny
replace amanda with karen (michelle) and replace original michelle with new IAA girl
Fix all the bugs

0.Make backups
Warning Very Tricky!!
1.Click ctrl + f3 in openiv
and find player_zero , player_two , player_one
Delete all files from update's folder eg Patchday3ng , but leave all player_zero_p , player_two_p player_one_p and don't delete anything in x64v.rpf
if you deleted every file from patchday's
then proceed to x64v/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players
3.open player_one and delete everything
4.Open my archive and open player_one and put all modded files to original folder
5.Delete all hair files in player_two and all head files
5,5.Delete all head files in michael folder (player_zero)
6.replace all files in player_two and player_one
7.replace all ymt and yft in streamedpeds_players with my ones
Can't explain it better

Thanks to:
-Hooli-G4n- - I used his glove texture
Sliderv2 - Luis lopez (i added one new shirt and remaked the mod)
TheNGclan - Allowed me to use his niko (but i didn't use it for now :P)
World 4 Mods - Used some of his clean textures (not in this release sorry)
Next Mods:
Better Hookers (Idk if its gonna be released , im trying to do something)
GTA 4 Weapon Slots Overhaul - Mod that adds gta 4 weapon slots (you can hold only one type of pistol , smg etc) but you can have one revolver , one pistol and one useable pistol (taser or flaregun) something like that
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First Uploaded: December 23, 2015
Last Updated: December 23, 2015
Last Downloaded: August 22, 2018

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