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This mod adds a little extra gore to the game by creating brain chunks when you shoot peds in the head. The mod looks 10x better when combined with other gore mods but also works in vanilla GTA V!

  • Max chunk value is 50
  • Setting the minimum/maximum chunk values higher than 50 causes the menu to stop working. You will need to fix the value through the .ini
  • If a specific weapon isn't creating any chunks, check to make sure the minimum/maximum chunk value is not higher than 50 and that the minimum chunk value is not higher than the maximum chunk value. If it's still not working, please let me know!

    Known Bugs:
  • Peds and other objects can disappear because of the brain chunks spawning
  • At a certain range headshots are not detected. I think I'll have to go a different route to make it work
  • Game can completely crash if you unload on someone's head with a minigun. Just be gentle.

  • Bug Reporting:
    If you have any bugs or requests, I'll be able to respond faster at:
    Discord - Fry#0097 OR Join my Discord server!
    (If the mod "doesn't work", please do not contact me before making sure that you've properly installed/updated everything that is mentioned below in the "Requirements" section.

  • Requirements For ScriptHookVDotNet V3.1.0 (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2019 (x64))
  • Script Hook V
  • ScriptHookVDotNet V3.1.0
  • LemonUI.SHVDN3

  • Copy "Brain Blast.dll", "Brain Blast Settings.ini" and "LemonUI.SHVDN3.dll" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder

    O = Removes brain chunks (Mainly for if the script happens to crash or you reset scripts after chunks have already been spawned)

  • Fixed bug causing all Revolver settings to reset
  • Fixed bug causing police weapons to duplicate causing their arm to twitch
  • Fixed bug causing Double-Barrel Shotgun settings to reset to Bullpup Rifle settings
  • Fixed bug causing Assault Rifle/MK2 settings to reset to the Pump-Shotgun/MK2 settings
  • The .ini is now created by the script if it is missing but one is still provided.
  • Added a menu using LemonUI to make changes in-game (Credit goes to justalemon!)
  • Added all previous settings in the .ini to the new menu
  • Most bullet shooting weapons now have their own individual minimum/maximum chunk and force values that can be changed from the menu in-game or through the .ini
  • Fixed a bug causing some peds to vanish when spawning brain chunks (Seems to be better now overall but this was mainly happening more consistently with people that were using GSW2)
  • Fixed a bug letting the minimum chunks to be greater than the maximum chunks which caused the script to crash
  • Fixed a bug letting the minimum/maximum chunks to be greater than 50 which could lead to a game crash
  • Fixed a few bugs with certain weapons causing brain chunks that aren't suppose to (Haven't tested them all so if you find one, please let me know!)
  • Redid a bunch of the mod to incorporate a script to auto remove brain chunks and persistent entities (prevents despawning when chunks are spawned) when far enough away and lets the game begin removing them
  • Added brain chunks when hitting pedestrians with a vehicle (Speed of the vehicle needs to be equal or higher to the vehicle speed set in the .ini or higher and ped needs to be alive)
  • Fixed the despawning issue as far as I can tell but may still happen on occasion so just let me know
  • Changed the way headshots were detected which helps solve a few other occasional bugs but nothing major
  • Added Vehicle Speed Required To Spawn Chunks On Collision to the .ini to set the required speed needed to spawn brain chunks when hitting a ped
  • Added Minimum Amount Of Chunks To Spawn (Vehicle Collision) to the .ini
  • Added Maximum Amount Of Chunks To Spawn (Vehicle Collision) to the .ini
  • Added Minimum Force Applied To Chunks When Spawned (Vehicle Collision) to the .ini
  • Added Maximum Force Applied To Chunks When Spawned (Vehicle Collision) to the .ini
  • Fixed a bug causing the brain chunks to spawn on melee hits
  • Removed the option to change the max brain chunk limit and set it to 50. Even at 50 it can cause issues such as crashing or graphical glitches. (Mainly occurs when shooting someone in the head with a minigun and not stopping)
  • Brain chunks now spawn on the area hit instead of just on the ped's head in general.
  • Removed the ped check radius option and went a different route that's less demanding and just more convenient.
  • Added randomized chunk spawn amount and chunks force options for normal weapons to the .ini.
  • Added randomized chunk spawn amount and chunks force options for shotgun weapons to the .ini.
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    Last Updated: June 29, 2021
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