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This script lets you do simple delivery missions around Los Santos. Once you start a mission a truck will be spawned, which you have to deliver to a certain location to get your reward.

and its requirements


How to install:
Copy the GoPostalDeliveryMissions.asi and GoPostalDeliveryMissions.ini files into your GTA V main directory.
! OpenIV ! Copy the gopostal_delivery_missions.ytd into the update/update.rpf/x64/textures/
script_txds.rpf (without this the menu banner won't show but the mod will still be functional)

Payout can be changed in the .INI file, it is a percentage (default is 100%).

Delivery locations list can be modified in the .INI file too. Don't put any spaces, tabs in the delivery locations list. A location has 4 values: XYZ coordinates and the delivery distance.

There are two separators. One of them is a vertical bar(|)(AltGr+W) is used
to separate the locations (the 4 float values) from each other. The other separator is a comma(,) .It separates the XYZ coordinates and the delivery distance from each other.


Hope you guys can understand how it works, if not then comment and I will try to explain it further.

If you want to add a new delivery locations park in the starting area with a vehicle, set the desired location as a waypoint and read the distance you would have to drive and your minimap. The mod uses miles, so if the distance shows up as kilometers just devide it by 0.621371192 before you add it to .ini file.

-first upload
-added 15 more missions
-added vans
-added shipment into the back of the vehicle
-some minor fixes
-added 10 more missions
-added timer (at every mission now you will have to deliver the shipment on time, if you fail to deliver in the given time it will result in a mission failure [if you get close enough to your destination the timer will stop counting down but if you leave the area without completing the mission it will restart])
-now there is a 10% chance that the vehicle is under police surveillance
-some fixes
-added 10 more missions
-adjusted delivery times
-added little menu where you can select the difficulty of the delivery (3 difficulties: easy, medium, hard [at medium and hard you will rewarded with extra cash when you complete the mission but you will have less time to do it])
-some fixes
-added 10 more missions
-improved menu (from now on if the menu banner cannot be loaded the whole menu will be placed a little higher [white rectangle won't show anymore]; added instructional buttons to the right bottom corner; from now on the timer, the menu and the instructional buttons line will show on the screen accordingly to the safe zone size, what you can modify in the settings/display options [4th, 5th and 6th pictures])
-some fixes
-hopefully fixed button and phone issues
-rewrote the whole script from scratch
-added adjustable payout
-added modifiable delivery locations list
-now you can disable the timer if you want to
-minor fixes and changes

If something goes wrong with the script it should give you an error notification. If it happens and you can't figure out whats wrong leave a comment and explain under what circumstances it occured.

If the delivery vehicle gets to badly damaged, or the player gets arrested or killed, or you get too far away from the delivery vehicle then it will result in a mission failure and you will get a money penalty.

During the mission you will play as a GoPostal employee. When you start the mission your weapons will be removed but after you finish they will be restored. If you have add-on weapons/weapon components add their hexadecimal code into the Weapon List/Weapon Component List in the .INI file. The separator is normal comma(,).

Hopefully the menu won't conflict with the ingame Interaction Menu, meaning that you won't be able to open the two at the same time.

I know that similar scripts has already been uploaded but who knows, maybe some of you will like it better. I made this mod just for fun and personal usage but once I finished it I decided to upload it for you guys.

If you find any bugs just leave a comment I will look into it and try to find a solution.
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