Endeavor Mod Menu 1.2

Changes in v1.2
- Removed Access To Stats Menu
- Categorised Vehicle Spawner
- Added Rpm Multiplier
- Added Temporary Speedo Until We Can Texture Edit
- Added Car Jumper
- Added Controller Support For Win 7
- Added Drawable Rockstar Logo On Any T Shirt , Jacket etc
- Added Physics Gun
- Changed Notification To In Game Notification
- Added A .ini So You Can Customise Controls
- Added Keyboard For Custom Inputs Peds, Model, Objects And Vehicle
- Added Police Uniform
- Added Santa Clothes
- Added Elf Clothes
- Added Snow Man Clothes
- Added Apparel Editor

Key features:
Shoot 4k cash bags out of gun (money counts under jobs on social club)
Give all weapons
Spawn any car including heist vehicles
No lag teleport
No Cops
Max stats (driving, shooting, strength, stamina, etc..)
Drive on Water!!
No Ragdoll

Open Menu - Dpad Left & A & X
Navigate - Dpad Left & Dpad Right
Activate - A
Close/Go Back - X

Vehicle Weapons - Left Thumb
Boost Bind - Right Thumb
Instant Brake - RB
Super Speed & Flying Car - LB

Open Menu - Dpad Left & Square & X
Navigate - Dpad Left & Dpad Right
Activate - X
Close/Go Back - Square

Vehicle Weapons - L3
Boost Bind - R3
Instant Brake - R1
Super Speed & Flying Car - L1

Open Menu And Activate - NUMPAD5
Close/Go Back - NUMPAD0

Vehicle Weapons - NUMPAD1
Boost Bind - F1
Instant Brake - NUMPAD3
Super Speed & Flying Car - NUMPAD7

Installation instructions:
1. Copy ScriptHookV.dll & Endeavour.asi to the game's main folder, i.e. where GTA5.exe is located.
2. In order to load asi plugins you need to have asi loader installed, you can download it separately or use the latest version that comes with this distrib (dsound.dll).
Uploaded: April 27, 2015
Last Downloaded: 4 minutes ago

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  • Ae95c7 seal head seal body

    This menu is ONLY for GTA V PC SINGLE PLAYER, if you use this online, you WILL get banned in a matter of minutes to hours.
    If you do want a mod menu for online, the only good ones out there at this moment are the paid ones, such as http://www.menyoo.org or http://www.gta5hax.com

    This menu will NOT work on XBOX ONE or PS4, in fact no modders on next gen at this moment, if you want to hack on gta, you will need a PC or last gen consoles.

    If you want it for PS3 or XBOX 360, there are lots of stages you will need to take such as jailbreaking your console, installing xexmenu etc and it will take too long to say here.

    9 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @jacDAN it works on xbox 360 you need to rgh and get xex menu but you have to edited it in xex menu to get it to work online on 360 its hard to explane

    8 days ago
  • Default


    7 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @jacDAN sorry i ment u have to re name it xex Endeavor or whater u want to name it as long as it has XEX in front

    7 days ago
  • Default

    Do tou need a jtag/rgh xbox 360 for this???

    5 days ago
  • Default

    does it work on ps4?

    5 days ago
  • Default
    4 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @MintPenguin yep u need xex menu to show up in game demons were u cant start it ten u can rgh 1.2 felcon, jasper fat and when your done that u need to name it useing you computer name it XEX Endeavor Mod Menu

    4 days ago
  • Michael

    Would l get banned for useing this menu

    3 days ago
  • Default

    its not letting me move up and down or select things please help

    3 days ago
  • Default

    @killerwerdna Make sure Num Lock is on

    3 days ago
  • Default

    @Rons gaming YT Probably, depends on how you use it. If you constantly do cash drops and grief other players then the servers will pick it up and ban you or put you in a cheaters lobby

    3 days ago
  • Michael

    @Nikko4326 So if i dont go crazy it should be ok?

    3 days ago
  • Michael

    Why is it not working?

    3 days ago
  • Michael

    Where do i download ASI loader

    3 days ago
  • Default

    xbox one? if so how

    3 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @Rons gaming YT are u trying to get it for pc or other
    @micek61 u cant mod xbox 1 your the 9th or more persons that ask that

    2 days ago
  • Lts

    I put the files into my game folder but when I go to open the menu nothing happrns. (PC)

    2 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @Valsek it could be because of the update that it needs to be updateded for pc because its harder to mod pc because of the update xbox 360 it works fine

    2 days ago
  • Default

    someone please send me a step by step tutorial for this script because i really want to fool around in story mode also ive already tried everything i can think of to make this work.

    6 hours ago
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