IllGottenGains Heists [SetUp]- 1 Jacking Osiris [.Net] V0.2



01/07/2015: Minor fixes to code.

Initial release.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Don't switch Characters after installing the mod, it breaks the whole script. I'll try and fix this in the next update :]
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If the Mission doesn't start press "Insert" to reload the missions and it should do the trick :]

Spoiler: Lester talks.... ;)

Note: Follow up Heist will be released later next week.

Video Demo: http://youtu.be/Gmr0xOr9Oqc

Special thanks to my buddy LmodorDy for clearing out any grammar mistakes in the dialogues,saved me a lot of time :P

About the Mod:
As automobile industry is picking up in LosSantos, Cars are becoming faster and better among them is the Pegassi Osiris, top speed of 230 mph and it can reach 0-60 in just 3.2 secs.A Brand new Pegassi Osiris is being imported from Liberty city to LosSantos today.Lester got his eyes on the car and he wants you to jack the car. Do you have what it takes to accomplish the mission ?

Important notes :
1) To start the heist just go to the "L" Icon on the map (check the 2nd screenshot)
2) The Heist can be completed in 2 ways.
You can either go in smart (Jacking the car using Skylift)
you can go in Loud and dumb (Guns blazing)

3) Pay depends on the condition of the car, if damaged your pay will be slightly low.

4) As always there's a cheeky little Easter egg added with the mod, Find it to get a few extra bucks (How much you ask ? Well i'm sure you can find it out yourself :])
Instructions/Clues to find the Easter egg will be shown after the heist is completed.

1)ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade
2) ScriptHookV .NET by Crosire (Version 1.0)

Know bugs:
• Check Important Note1 and Note2

Installation Notes:
1) Install ScripthookV And ScripthookV.Net
2)Extract the downloaded archive.
3)Copy the heistaudio folder and IllGottenGainsHeists.dll from the downloaded archive and paste it into the scripts folder in the main GTA 5 folder.

Also thanks to this guy :)

If you are making a video, please leave a link to my youtube channel in the description of the video
Youtube.com/gtagamer2222 :]

DO NOT re-distributed.Thanks :)
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